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13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset

There are 13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset that you must learn and adopt as your own, if you want to have any chance at designing the life and business you love… especially in a troubled global economy.

So as the world starts to “open back up,” it’s becoming clear just how difficult it’s been for people to shift their mindset. The greater problem is always the contagion of fear, restlessness, judgement, doubt, frustration, impatience.

The solution isn’t going to be the government, or when “everything goes back to normal again.”

The solution will be HOW you use your mind…

HOW you ACTIVATE yourself right now…

HOW soon and HOW well you get back on your A-game…

HOW you take charge of your future…

HOW you ensure you never get shutdown mentally and emotionally like that EVER AGAIN.mindset of a millionaire

So if you want to start making a change for the better – to finally create the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire – and build a financial fortress around you and your family that cannot be penetrated… then, do this one thing right now!

Start imagining you are already a millionaire… and had all your financial worries taken care of, and you didn’t not have to spend your time slaving away in a 9-5 job (aka the rat race) day in and day out!

What would your ideal day look like?

Have you ever written it down in detail? If not do it now!

Shouldn’t we be living our day in aim toward that, to the point where we can experience more of them?

So what is stopping you from making it happen?

I bet it’s because you have CHOKEHOLDS in your psyche (fears and limiting beliefs) that are holding you back from attacking your opportunities… (living your passion and ultimately your perfect day). You likely have developed a fixed mindset (full of excuses, settling for mediocrity), and what you need to do, to experience more in your life (your perfect day) is a develop a growth mindset or what I also refer to as the Millionaire Mindset.

To live your perfect day every day, you will likely have to become more entrepreneurial and start your own business, so you can have more time freedom, financial freedom and geographical freedom.

For me, I wanted the ultimate freedom to get on a plane travel to exotic locations and run my businesses with just a lap top and internet connection and one small suitcase.

Being in controlMaybe all you want is just the security of sleeping at night knowing your bills are paid and your family is safe, even during a time of crisis; or that you have the ability to support yourself and the people you love, regardless of the economy. Or have the freedom from working long hours in a day job. Or just enough money to take vacations every year, whether it’s to visit friends and family or to travel around the world.

If those are the kinds of things you want in your life, here’s the reality. You can’t simply “wish for your perfect days” to achieve a life of freedom, travel, and security. You need the right mindset to take the actions necessary to get there, and more importantly, you need a millionaire mindset.

Lots of people dream of becoming a millionaire. Yet actually MAKING one million dollars feels so out of reach. It feels like it’s only something that happens to OTHER people. I felt the same way, and that’s why I began studying the mindset of millionaires, and put them into a workbook “The Millionaire Mindset Makeover”.

This has been my first step to ensuring my own Millionaire Mindset Makeover, and there are 13 characteristics I work on every day. The objective is to learn about the 13 characteristics of the Millionaire Mindset and get ready for your own personal journey of entrepreneurial freedom:

  1. They raise their standards for success – they raise the BAR (Beliefs, Actions, Results)
  2. They understand their why
  3. They follow their passion
  4. They aren’t afraid to fail
  5. They act fast
  6. They are independent thinkers
  7. They think big
  8. They are focused
  9. They build strong teams
  10. They leverage their success
  11. They love learning
  12. They love teaching
  13. They live energized

If you would like to learn more about the 13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset that will enable you to consistently make Decisions, Commit to process and Achieve success (the freedom lifestyle), then click on the image link below and get your free copy (workbook and video) of the Millionaire Mindset Makeover.

Millionaire Mindset Makeover (workbook and video)

13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset

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millionaire mindset makeover

When you invest in yourself through books, courses, and reading material, your success rate skyrockets.

So bet on YOU. Invest in YOU.

Take advantage of the free workbook and video to start making over your Millionaire Mindset. What’s more, taking charge of your life destiny, and learning how to create a more fulfilling life… is also the first step toward creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.

So go for it. You’ll thank yourself over and over again.

I’m looking forward to helping you leap from where you are into a life a business you love.

Feel free to contact me via email at or text me 306-570-7321 to arrange a free one on one consultation to discuss your millionaire mindset makeover

WAKE UP – Birth a new YOU – and live with NO regrets!

Doug Howorko– “the lifestyle entrepreneur” & founder of ZAGGTIME

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