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3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy

There are 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy, and when applied fully, you will achieve a fulfilling life… creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire. Read on as we reveal what those 3 secrets are, and how applying them has changed the lives of many people.

Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis here, sharing some very valuable information in today’s FREEDOM FRIDAYS blog. We’re just 2 regular guys that have WOKEN UP to Experience More in our lives. We’re on a journey to design the life and business we love… impacting as many people as we can along the way.

On our journey we discovered 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy and we reveal them in a short 20-minute film we produced called “GETTING RICH – No Experience Required”.  We hope that that this film helps you on your own personal journey to Getting Rich – that means getting more fulfilled by designing the life and business you love! You can access the film now in the link below.

As regular guys, we were caught up feeling overwhelmed in our busy and unfilled lives. We were constantly ZIGGING around in circles like we were trapped in a maze – not knowing how to move forward to get what we wanted. Until our life changing moment! We had an awakening…we WOKE UP to the realization that life was flying by and we had been playing the game of life stuck on first base.

We made the DECISION that we were no longer going to tolerate a life of mediocrity. We recognized how vulnerable our livelihoods had been to outside forces – working for someone else, making someone else rich, not using our true talents and gifts. We were not going to come to the end of our lives wishing we could have or should have become more and experienced more.

In our awakening, we realized it was time to ZAGG. We had to CUT through the fear and limiting beliefs holding us back and ATTACK our opportunities by finding our passion, jumping out of our comfort zone and taking massive action doing what we wanted. We began to take control of our destiny, focusing on creating the income, lifestyle and freedom we wanted. It was ZAGGTIME!

So what does Getting Rich Mean? 

In the GETTING RICH film, we try to answer this question of what “Getting Rich” really means. As ordinary men we don’t pretend to have all the answers but more and more our self-awareness gives us a unique perspective in viewing our own life experiences … and to share them in a way that can help others. For most of us GETTING RICH… is this elusive thing we chase our entire lives believing it’s something that can make us better people.  If I only had more money things would be different.

But somehow there must be more to it.

Here are some unique perspectives from 4 freedom entrepreneurs we interviewed in the film… about what Being Rich means to them:

  • Steve Herbert- Being rich to me is being truly free.
  • Dave Sitko- It’s being rich in your mind …rich in your growth.
  • John Newma- Feeling the truth. Knowing that I’ve actually truly lived.
  • Dennis Morales- It’s knowing that I’ve been able to make a contribution to the world.

As you can see Getting Rich is much more than about making money.  To many its about living a more fulfilling life… growing personally, socially, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, in your relationships, and in your contribution back to society.

The 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy – revealed

After conducting a number of interviews with entrepreneurs building a life and business they love in the digital economy. We pondered this question for a while “What are the secrets to getting rich in today’s economy?” And although there were a number of takeaways from the people we had talked to… it was clear that the entrepreneurs we interviewed, were on a transformational journey towards changing their life to achieving more fulfillment… and that there were 3 main secrets in doing so.

3 secrets


  1. The first secret was to harness their personal power by developing their mindset skills: Belief determines what you will think, what you think determines how you will Act, how you act will determine your life Results. What you believe is what you will create.


  1. The second secret was to embrace the digital economy by developing their online business/marketing skills: Learning must never stop… you must develop your own life curriculum that positions you as an expert in the growing digital economy.  By 2030, experts predict 2 Billion jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence.  Those choosing to re-skill will have the greatest opportunity.


  1. And the third secret was to be of service and add value to people’s lives… because it’s not about you: When you’re ready to be of service, and add value to others, you will become the change you want to see in the world. The secret to creating the life you want is to impact as many people as you can along the way! Don’t chase the money!  When what you do matters, everything will start to flow, including money.


CALL TO ACTION – Learn more about the 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy

The desire for Getting Rich – living a more fulfilling life is here to stay. Working for yourself, owning your own business, firing your boss, starting an independent career – these are the order of the day. If you are like most business people, you’re in business to make money and be your own boss. But it’s not all about money. The money most entrepreneurs will make from their business will seldom seem like enough for all the long hours, hard work, and responsibility that go along with being the boss. Ultimately, people become an entrepreneur because they want a certain amount of joy in their life; they want a certain amount of passion, adventure, a sense of independence, accomplishment and contribution. Make sure you are getting into the right business for the right reasons, and you are ready for the journey ahead

To further explore the 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy, and see real life examples of entrepreneurs living a more fulfilled life by building a business they love… watch the short 20-minute film “Getting Rich – No Experience Required” about real-life people who have unleashed their inner entrepreneur creating more time freedom, financial freedom and geographic freedom… creating a richer are more fulfilling life. Getting rich film

Click the link to watch the GETTING RICH film now…

What’s more, taking charge of your life destiny, and learning how to create a richer / more fulfilling life… is also the first step toward creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.

So go for it. You’ll thank yourself over and over again.

I’m looking forward to helping you leap from where you are into a life a business you love.

Feel free to contact me via email at or text me 306-570-7321 to arrange a free one on one consultation to discuss your Getting Rich dreams

WAKE UP – Birth a new YOU – and live with NO regrets!

Stay healthy,

Doug Howorko– “the lifestyle entrepreneur” & founder of ZAGGTIMEDoug Howorko

ZAGGTIME is the source for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. We are a team of business bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts impacting the world by sharing inspirational and practical insights for creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.

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