3 steps to unleash your inner entrepreneur

3 steps to unleash your inner entrepreneur

Take these 3 steps to unleash your inner entrepreneur to deal with the economic woes of the Coronavirus. Doing so will help you find solutions to your financial struggles and help build a financial fortress around you and your family that cannot be broken.

We all face unexpected realities in life… and rarely is anything more unexpected than the current Coronavirus pandemic. We all feel it. It is affecting everyone, including you, and me. Yes this virus is scary and yes a lot of fear and panic is going around not just in our country but around the world… and rightfully so.

The fear is real… yes, there are physical implications, and there are also mental and emotional implications from the constant worrying. The fact is that most of us have some level of fear about this. That’s just normal human nature. But how we respond to these uncertain times will define our immediate future. That’s the simple truth of all this…


What separates true leaders from everyone else is how we respond to those unexpected circumstances and the paralyzing fear we create in our mind. So, instead of listening to the ordinary media and panic to stay a home and do nothing and just wait it out – there are actual things you can do at home to grow in these times…

If you’re like me, you don’t want world crisis to paralyze you with fear and dictate your destiny. You want to continue to think big, be inspired and take action… that ensure you have built an economic fortress and around you and your family. And to do that you must deal with the adversity of the day, build a positive mindset and learn to unleash your inner entrepreneur – even in economic uncertainty.Unleash your inner entrepreneur

I wrote this blog to address what we can do in our hardest times in life to overcome sudden and HUGE issues like we are facing today. I hope by reading this you will become stronger, think clearer and have peace during this time when others are withdrawing and overwhelmed with panic.

Here are a few things you can do right now to learn how to unleash your inner entrepreneur and take on greater responsibility for your economic woes.  You need to do your part – for yourself, your family and your community.


STEP 1: Join the ZAGGTIME Community Network

Do you want to start a business to make the escape from employee to entrepreneur, or just set up a passion based side hustle… to create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want? If YES – you need a plan that is clear and actionable, along with the right mentoring and advice to develop the skills to expedite your personal transformation.

By joining the ZAGGTIME community, you get immediate access to relevant tips, tactics, tools, and training that will help you start to design the life and business you love in the new digital economy.

Join the ZAGGTIME Community and receive these free gifts:Join our community

  • Immediate access to tips, tactics, tools, and training to help you design the life and business you love in the new digital economy:
  • The email newsletter “FREEDOM FRIDAYS” – Advice to help you escape from employee to entrepreneur and live life on your terms as a freedom-entrepreneur.
  • The eBook “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” (VERSION 1) – An inspiring true story of cutting through personal barriers, attacking opportunities and living with passion!
  • The workbook “BECOMING WISE, WILD & FREE” – A helpful guide for new entrepreneurs wanting to start their first business.
  • The workbook “STREET SMARTS FOR ENTREPRENEURS” – A helpful guide to developing key mindset skills for winning in business.

Click the link to join and get access to the free downloads https://zaggtime.com/join-our-community/

STEP 2: Join the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Mastermind

WARNING: This Meet Up Group is ONLY for entrepreneurs ready to be relentless in the pursuit of their happiness! Where you own your business as opposed to your business owning you – so you can have the ultimate freedom lifestyle.

Mastermind eventsWe’re a diverse GROUP of highly motivated people… on the quest to design the life and business we love. The group is committed to experiencing more life, and to helping others become LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEURS by providing knowledge and platforms to achieve online residual income success.

By joining the mastermind group, you get access the latest tips, tactics, tools and training to help you design the life and business you love… as well as the opportunity to generate new leads, explore and share business opportunities, and receive great mentoring and advice.

Events will be held through live streaming, and when the Coronavirus pandemic is over we will have meetings in person.

Click the link to join and get access to the free mastermind events https://www.meetup.com/The-Lifestyle-Entrepreneurs/

STEP 3: Watch this free video series on starting an online business

With over $2.5 TRILLION per year being spent in retail purchases online, there has never been such a vast opportunity to make money with an online business.

Starting a new business online requires much less risk than investing your money in a brick-and-mortar storefront or stuffy, corporate office.

Online business training

Because your business is based online, you can reach more potential customers, work from virtually anywhere, and make money online without large overheads.

With some basic website and online marketing skills along with a little maintenance know-how, almost anyone can launch a business online and get it up and running in only days.

Think you’re ready to become the next big entrepreneur online?

Click the link to get access to the free video series about starting an online business http://tidyurl.com/dcjaz7

CALL TO ACTION – Take the 3 steps to unleash your inner entrepreneur

My friends, it is up to you to protect yourself against both viruses and your future economic well-being. Follow the information suggested by health the officials, and stay home as much as possible – and take 3 steps along with using the free resources that I have provided to help you unleash your inner entrepreneur.

You are in charge. Take control of your mind and take control of your financial destiny. Do not let fear and negativity rule your life, even now.

So as you spend more time inside and adapt to this new lifestyle, ask yourself:

What am I choosing?

Choose a new path

Are you choosing to catch up on every Netflix show you can and spending hours scrolling through Twitter or Instagram to watch the world react to this?

Or are you focused inwardly, on your own growth?

You can CHOOSE to take the 3 STEPS and start unleashing your inner entrepreneur.

And trust me, I know the easiest thing to do right now is throw on those sweatpants and chill out on the couch…

But when this Coronavirus is contained and our lives go back to normal, wouldn’t you look back with regret wishing you had taken advantage of this newfound time and opportunity to focus on YOU and unleash your inner entrepreneur?

If you need someone to talk to about the concerns you have about your health, and your financial future – connect with me to arrange a time to chat. Email me at contactus@zaggtime.com OR text me at (306)570-7321.

I would be glad to share my story… how I have taken charge of my destiny, and financial future by designing the life and business I love.

WAKE UP – Birth a new YOU – and live with NO regrets!

With gratitude,

Doug Howorko – “the lifestyle entrepreneur” & founder of ZAGGTIME

ZAGGTIME is the source for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. We are a team of business bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts impacting the world by sharing inspirational and practical insights for creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you want





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