Achieving Financial Freedom in 2017


  • Are you frustrated where you are in life personally and financially?
  • Are you lacking financial resources along with ideas to generate additional income?
  • Do you need help making the decision to achieve financial freedom in 2017?


Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, Co – Founders of ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design. We’re just two regular guys on a journey to achieve financial freedom in 2017 – designing the life and business we love.


As like most people, we were living the life we thought we had to live, as opposed to how we wanted to live.  We were unfulfilled, overworked, stressed and stuck in a system exploitingus instead of liberating us and achievingour highest potential.  We both felt stuck in a rut, not living with passion, not generating the income we truly needed and feeling angst because we also fully believed there was something more for us.


But we lacked the skills required to JUMP – take the chance to be self-made and self-reliant in the new digital economy creating the income, lifestyle and freedom we wanted.


If you’re like us, you’ve always had the feeling that there has to be something more, something better out there and living with purpose and achieving financial freedom became our passion.


As human beings we are strong believers we have never been designed from the start to set alarm clocks and force ourselves out of bed into cars – sit in traffic, commit to a job, an office, a place of work, saying yes boss, no boss – coming home at nights tired and frustrated feeling like we don’t have any real purpose, and living paycheck to paycheck always short of money to pay bills, yet many of us do that every single day.


This is not our definition of living a rich life!  We didn’t want to be tied to an office, commuting, sitting in traffic, going to work in a box, making someone else rich, while experiencing financial strife and a life of mediocrity. 


The only difference between you and us is that we made the DECISION and total commitment to jump out of the “Rat Race” and develop new digital and entrepreneurial skills along with the mindset to win a more fulfilling race or journey if you will and that is“Achieving Financial Freedom”- creating the income, lifestyle and freedom we wanted, living life on our terms and doing what we loved to do.


In June 2016 we started on a journey to earn our living online,and as long as we have a laptop under our arm or a mobile phone we are in business no matter where we are.  We implemented a business model that enables us to “earn while we learn”.  Today we have created two different business streams to generate revenue online.


When you talk to us now from where we were just 8 months ago, you will see the purpose and passion we have in what we do, the new mindset and skills we have gained, and the endless financial opportunities in our path.


This same opportunity exists for you to create new income online and experience the freedom lifestyle for yourself – doing something that provides you with purpose, passion and drive, something that gives you freedom, flexibility and opportunity.


If you want to see exactly how we’re doing it, watch the short video below and take advantage of our free training that has helped its students generate over $40 million in online commissions.


So if this is something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do, you won’t be disappointed.


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We want to share a message of not just hope…but utter belief that you can achieve financial freedom in 2017 if you reskill, if you change the way you think and create a vision for yourself that exceeds anything you had dreamed possible.


But achieving financial freedom in 2017 all starts with making a decision to do so!


The word De_ci_sion \de-_si-zh_n\: means to cut off from anything else.  If you decide now to cut off any other possibility but achieving financial freedom in 2017 by mastering our training material and utilizing the cutting-edge technology and business model for changing yourself and others, you will absolutely succeed!


It is the decisions that we make, not the conditions of our lives that determine our financial destiny.  The decisions we make will determine how fast we achieve abundance and financial freedom.


So, if making decisions is so simple and powerful, why don’t more people make them more often and become financially free?  This is because they don’t know what a real decision is.  Most people think decisions are a wish list, such as: “I’d like to make more money.” Most of us haven’t made a decision in so long we’ve forgotten what it feels like!


Most people avoid making decision because they fear the obligation of action required of them!


How we did it


When you make a real decision, you draw a line, and it’s not in the sand but in cement.   All human progress begins with a new decision.We made the decision: “We will do what it takes to achieve financial freedom”.


We realized huge fear staying stuck where we were – living a life less lived.  And we got super excited for the obligation, the actions we needed to take to change our life forever and ultimately achieve financial freedom.


In June 2016 we made a decision to do what it takes to achieve financial freedom!  We made decisions on (1) what to focus on, (2) what things meant to us, and (3) the actions we needed to take on our journey to creating wealth.


  • We decided that each day we would focus on wealth, develop positive beliefs about wealth and get a plan for wealth.
  • We decided to role model proven wealth creating strategies to accelerate our success.
  • We decided to develop a millionaire mindset as well as being patient, persistent and positive as we worked to attract greater abundance.
  • We decided to make achieving financial freedom our sole purpose – creating wealth, maintaining wealth and redistributing wealth to help others.
  • We decided to develop opportunities that would add value to people’s lives on a massive scale.
  • We decided to develop opportunities that would help make us passive income and make money even while we were sleeping.


We are not perfect, but our lives today are so much better when you wake up with excitement and go to bed with enthusiasm, living with passion and achieving financial freedom.


Within months of re-skilling we have created a foundation – a business model for ourselves that will very soon provide a full time income on the internet.  We have found our life purpose, we have found a lifestyle that is hardly explainable to those that have never experienced the fire to get up every day and really do what you love.  We don’t see the work we do as work, because we have been able to rethink and create a lifestyle by design.


Your call to action


We want to suggest to you that if you make the decision to re-skill, if you decide to change the way you think, and you decide to adapt for the world we are in right now and where we are going- you too can achieve financial freedom


But most people say this is too good to be true.  So we are going to challenge you on that.  Our suggestion is that you do 2 things.


  1. Have a check in with yourself where you are at in life right now. How much purpose do you really have in what you are doing and how much passion do you have in what you are doing?  How fed up are you with being stuck , maybe suck I the rat race working for a boss, or working in a business that you really have no desire to be in anymore.  How good does it feel to think that we live in a world that offers more opportunity than what has ever existed before?


  1. The 2nd thing we are going to challenge you to do is to make a decision to take advantage of our FREE curriculum and training and learn a little bit more about how you can re-skill for this digital economy and how you can earn while you learn, and how you can discover new business models that aren’t being taught in school.


Claim Your Free Training Now


On this page you are going to find out what we are offering in our free modules, our free training.  There is no catch.  Every day, we along with our team and business partners Stuart and Jay – we think what we can do to wake more people up to achieving financial freedom.


But if it scares you, then maybe you are not ready to discover a new way of thinking.  Maybe you are not ready for success in this new economy.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  But we feel it is our job to wake people up to this tidal wave and the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.


If you are prepared to do some work, you might just surprise yourself about how exciting this journey can be.  We hope to see you on the inside where we will be sharing some exciting stuff.


With Gratitude;

Doug Howorko & George Tsougrianis

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