The Desire For More


– A greater income that allows you to create a financial fortress around your family.

– A more fulfilling lifestyle that challenges your creativity and fuels your passion.

Imagine having the flexibility and control of your day;

Doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want and as much as you want.

But there’s something holding you back… You feel stuck

Which Best Describes You ?

– You just can’t seem to get ahead living pay cheque to pay cheque barely covering your expenses.

– You feel that your job skills aren’t marketable anymore, so you feel trapped and even fearful of losing your job.

– Between family and work commitments you feel that you’ve lost control of your life, busy trying to meet everyone’s expectations.

– You’re fearful of making a bad decision so you don’t do anything.


In order to create lasting financial freedom you need to create passive income streams that are working for you. The wealthy have known this for a long time investing in stocks and real estate that generate additional income without having to trade time for money. However, another option has emerged; creating a digital business.

The Approach To

Starting A Digital Business

Creating the next revolutionary online business is not easy, and it takes risk, but you must see past the risk and keep your eyes fixed on the endless rewards. You must focus on leveraging and scaling your business by harnessing the power of the Internet.


We’ve discovered a proven and low risk “Earn while you Learn” approach to training and help you overcome your fear and time constraints to successfully set up your passion business and create financial freedom.


We’d like to introduce Six Figure Mentors (SFM), an educational institution that provides you the prospective business owner with the training curriculum to effectively market yourself online. As well SFM provides the tools and a supportive community to be successful.


While assessing SFM as a training option we decided that we needed to meet the founders to find out more about the company. We were skeptical, so we wanted to investigate for ourselves. The end result was the 20 minute film that goes behind the scenes at an SFM conference where we speak to the founders and real people like us on their own digital journey.


We want to inspire you to take back your power and live the life you deserve.

Here’s our special offer

7 Day Training Program - At No Cost

Each day over the next 7 days we will email you a link to a special feature video that will educate you on the most cutting edge principles around online business, with each video demonstrating how realistic it is for YOU to start a profitable online business from scratch! This special offer is available to you through our Zaggtime Digital Academy and our partners at Six Figure Mentors (SFM).


Topics include:

  • An Introduction To The Digital Economy
  • Cashing In On The Digital Gold Rush
  • Big Problem. Big Solution
  • List Building For Profit
  • Earning Multiple Income Streams
  • Never Be Obsolete Again
  • Meet SFM Students Turned Mentors


Get ready to experience a whole different way of thinking! The SFM is an exclusive private community of like-minded members who are either already living, or in the process of creating their ultimate ‘digital life’.

Imagine learning about real strategies that show you how to be a successful Digital Entrepreneur.