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How To Beat The Fear Of Living Your Passion

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs…while they had been friends since high school, the two college dropouts gained considerable exposure to the computer world while working on game software together on the night shift at Atari. The third Apple founder, Ron Wayne, was also an Atari alumnus.


They didn’t hesitate to take a chance on life!  They lived by the Moto: cut through the B.S. (your fears) and attack your opportunities (live your passion).  They truly beat the fear of living their passion!


But for many reasons only a small percentage of the world’s population that are given this great gift of life, actually live their passion.  The rest of us live a life less lived!


The funny thing is…most people know what they want, they know what to do to get what they want, but they don’t do what they know!


So many people are not living their passion.  Just go to the mall and see for yourself.  Just look in people’s eyes.  They are not enjoying life – they are upset, angry, stressed, and for sure not living with purpose nor experiencing joy, freedom, and fulfillment.  They are caught in a maze going nowhere fast – lost, unable to break free of the monotony and mediocrity, working in a job they dislike and not fulfilled.


“Many people keep doing the same things day in and day out hoping that some sort of miracle will happen  that their life will change


But as you all know, this is the definition of insanity. In order for your life to change, you have to change! And you must change now!

So what’s holding you back from living your passion?

Here are some general reasons that apply to most people:

  • People fail to take the chance because of their own fear of the obligation to make sacrifices and do the work to make changes in their lives. People simply find it easier to find skepticism in things and find excuses as to why not to make the effort.


  • Doing what you know to live your passion is actually quite easy. The journey of a thousand miles begins with only few steps.  But it’s also easy not to take the steps and do what you know!  People slip back into procrastination and laziness usually after a few weeks.  In fact, stats show that most people when they buy a book, never read past the first ten pages.


  • Challenge is important for us all…but we have lost this as a society. People want success easily.  And this is further proven by the fact that people would rather be famous than a scientist that adds value to society.  In reality today, when the goings gets tough – most people quit!


How to beat the fear of living your passion!

Here are some tips you can apply immediately:


  • Turn fear on itself.  Feel the fear/pain of not living your passion when you are old and ready to die.  How does that feel? How proud would you be? How great of an example where you for your loved ones? How does living a life less lived, living a life of mediocrity, living a life with a lack of abundance, living a life that was safe, and unfulfilled feel?  Will you feel like you wasted your life?  To take full advantage of the gift of life and the opportunities in front of you – make sure the fear/pain of not taking the chance is greater than the fear/pain from takin the chance to live your passion.


  • Be 100% committed.  If you are not committed to living your passion or it won’t happen.  Make a commitment to your family and yourselffor the life you truly desire.  Understanding your why is what will give you good work ethic.  Strong desire will push you forward through challenging situations.


  • Visualize your passion.  Put a dream board/vision board in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and at work – all the locations you are in on a daily basis. Keep your vision clear.


  • Role model others.  Success requires that you be coachable and learn from others that will support your journey.  That may mean hanging out with new friends.  Remember, it important to be the dumbest person in your group in order to grow.


  • Focus on being the best. You have to be mentally hungry and dominate in whatever it is you have passion in and love to do.


  • Never give up.  Be patient, persistent and positive until success happens.


“The purpose of life is to find your purpose – live your passion.”

You can make excuses or you can make your dream come true.  It’s your choice!


With gratitude,

Doug Howorko & George Tsougrianis



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