Get your copy of my book titled BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD – 7 Simple Steps to Bust into the Life and Business you Love. A practical guide for breaking through the B.S. (the fear and limiting beliefs) holding you back… and attacking your opportunities (living your passion, and creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you want).






I was sitting right where you are now – I wanted change!  I wanted to improve! I wanted to be better! I wanted a fuller life! And I know you want to transform into what you are capable of… because I do too!! I want that for me and for you – to live the best life possible..


Everybody looking from the outside would have thought I was successful, happy and killing it!  But, on the inside, I was dying.  My real situation was a life of mediocrity. I had a job that paid the bills. I was a bit depressed, a little angry, and definitely frustrated because I knew I could experience more. I knew I hadn’t found my purpose. I wasn’t maximizing my potential. I wasn’t living with passion. And I wasn’t exploring the gifts of the world. I knew I wasn’t fulfilling and experiencing what I was here to do!


I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew exactly what I didn’t want… back-breaking work, stuck in the 9-5 rat race, putting in crazy hours, making enough money just to get by every month. This pain was intense, and it pushed me forward. It kept me thinking about what it would actually take to make the money I wanted with less work, more free time and a greater lifestyle.  I realized there are things that block us, things that limit us, and we often let these things strangle us into a CHOKEHOLD, paralyzing ourselves, preventing movement toward living our best life.


“The trouble with being in the rat race is that, even if you win, your’re still a rat.” – Lilly Tomlin, actress, comedian, writer, singer and producer


I listened to the voice in my head telling me to go in another direction… to design the life and business I love, even if I didn’t fully know what and where that was going to take me.  I had an insatiable appetite and desire to find out on my own. I think we each have this inner voice telling us we can be something significant, we can do something in our life that matters and we really enjoy. We can live a purpose and potential that is unique to us. And to some that means living your passion and starting a business to  create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.


But, this awareness wasn’t manifesting in my life externally. Breaking into my best life was going to be just as challenging as summiting Mt. Everest.  I’m no rock climber, but I knew I had the ability to climb to the pinnacle of my life, so I could stand on the edge and see all my possibilities  to take advantage of them.


“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.” – Dag Hammarskjold, Swedish economist and diplomat


I went on a journey of exploration, taking small steps, and improving one step at a time, by learning from the right people who could help me become more entrepreneurial. I invested time and energy into acquiring knowledge through books, podcasts and training programs; pursuing money-making opportunities to get results; and, using technology to automate a business. I role-modeled the tips, tactics and tools that accelerated the success of other freedom entrepreneurs.


I  created a journal of my transformation and have captured all of my personal stories along with applied tips, tactics, tools and training that I used and you can to if you want to BREAK THE CHOKEHOLD – and design the life and business you love.  I put my successes into 7 simple steps that you can begin to apply immediately… if you dare!



  1. I started to focus internally to wake up, shake up and bake up. I implemented key personal development practices and techniques to get the right mindset for achieving what I wanted.
  2. I unleashed my inner entrepreneur building a side hustle while working full time… eventually jumping into the world of starting a business full-force and, in particular, freedom lifestyle entrepreneurship.
  3. I embraced the digital economy and developed online marketing skills to run my passion business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.
  4. I developed an effective business map to continually plan and strategize my business direction, and ensure I was both competitive and sustainable in my success.
  5. I studied the characteristics of millionaires and began to makeover my own millionaire mindset to create a business that achieved financial abundance while I was sleeping.
  6. I cleaned up the clutter in my life to become more efficient and productive, creating  more free time to better focus on what was important to me – building my passion business.
  7. I got healthy to ensure I had the energy to do it all – work full-time at my job while building my passion business, as well as  take care of my family commitments and travel the world.



“Breaking the Chokehold holds the key to creating a sustainable business that optimizes your lifestyle, income, and your impact. The easy-to-implement, 7-step process outlined by Doug in this book will help many people to start a new passion-based business and develop the digital skills they need to gain the profits they seek. Doug is the real deal—take advantage of his wisdom, experience, and know-how to help you focus on what matters in your business and get results.”

~ Dr. Nadine Skipp, CEO, Aura Dental


“Breaking the Chokehold is an interesting exploration of Doug Howorgold starko’s personal journey and his passion for studying best practices for entrepreneurship. Organized into bite-sized bits, there are nuggets to take away from nearly every page. He includes quotes from the masters who have gone before us which both inform and inspire on key points for freedom-preneurs in the making. A good overall read for new entrepreneurs.”

~ Lynn Scheurell, CEO, The Creative Catalyst


“Doug Howorko gives new entrepreneurs a clear blueprint on how to turn their ideas into successful, thriving enterprises. Starting a business can be scary and growing a business in a fast-paced digital economy well can be a mystery. Breaking the Chokehold de-mystifies the process for anyone who follows Doug’s 7 simple steps.”

~ Rod Francis, CEO, ISONDAI Corporation


“Doug never ceases to amaze me with his ability to identify cutting-edge business’ and applying his training skills that are geared towards capitalizing trends. He makes it easy for others by providing the tools how to follow his simple 1-2-3 outlined plan to success. From the well laid out instructions that his program provides, to the in depth training, he helps move you along the way. Doug knows what it takes to make sure that you succeed. The path to success can be challenging; but with Doug Howorko’s system, anyone can achieve the goals we dream of accomplishing.”

~ Robert Ziola, President and CEO, Radiance Energy Corp