Break the psychological chokeholds

Break the psychological chokeholds strangling your success

So how do you break the psychological chokeholds strangling your success – holding you back from becoming the best version of you… and design the life and business you love?

The first thing you need to do is understand what a psychological chokehold is!  A psychological chokehold is a mental limitation creating fear and limiting beliefs in self, that holds you back from busting into your best life. You have psychological chokeholds when you never take responsibility to change your life. You create excuses and blame others for your circumstances.  You get emotionally caught in the overwhelm of busy-ness and lackluster fulfillment. And as a result, you never move from desire – to become more or experience more in life.

The second thing you need to do is a “check up from the neck up” to see if you have any chokeholds that need to be obliterated. When I finally stopped to consider my own situation, I became aware of the chokeholds holding me back. I had strong fears and limiting beliefs holding me back from taking necessary actions to design the life and business I loved. I was zigging around in circles, going nowhere fast, like a rat on a caged wheel (aka, the “Rat Race”).

If you would like to have a discussion about breaking your psychological chokeholds… and live your passion and dreams, please email me at or text at 306-570-7321. I look forward to building your next steps in designing the life and business you love.


“The chokehold on your growth to designing the life and business you love is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. Develop the right mindset and learn the simple steps to take, and you can create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.” –  Doug Howorko

Chokeholds affect your ultimate success and overall health

With chokeholds firmly gripping and squeezing out my confidence to be more and experience more; I was stuck, stubbornly doing the same things by rote over and over but, and somehow, expecting different results. I honestly did not know how to get out of the 9-5 trap. I didn’t have the right mindset to do what it takes and could’t figure it out. Time was flying by and I was living in mediocrity and frustration. I was bound by my paycheck (which was my only source of income, so I was vulnerable to the whims of my employer). Spending all my time and energy making someone else successful, I was missing out on real opportunities and experiences authentic to me. With a mindset full of chokeholds, I was not able leverage my passion to be strong enough to break into my best life.

I became fully paralyzed by fear which is not good for an exciting life, nor my health. Severe and sustained stress or fear can alter your biological systems in a way that wears down your body and can result in heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In my case, I was consistently frustrated by not enjoying what I was doing, not having enough free time, worrying about whether I would still have a job to look after my family or have enough money for retirement. It caused many sleepless nights and was not good for my health. Until I could break my chokeholds (fears and limiting beliefs), and develop self confidence, my chances of creating the income, lifestyle and freedom I wanted were nil.

Break the psychological chokeholds by turning fear on itself

To make change, I learned to harness the pain from these negative emotions as fuel to propel myself forward. My frustration with my stagnant circumstances at last became more painful than my fear of change. I feared a life less lived more than I did jumping out of my comfort zone and doing what really excites me (want I truly wanted). I made the decision I would no longer tolerate being frustrated by living an unsatisfying life. I chose to take responsibility for my destiny, and take control of my actions, to work on my own terms for my income and free time. I also had to change the negative belief in myself such as being unable to escape my job. I needed to believe I could become a successful freedom-preneur. With my chokeholds broken, I was motivated and ready to design the life and business I love.

How has my life changed from breaking the psychological chokeholds?

I now manage my time better and do things that would accelerate my life to where I want it to be. Every day, I schedule time and take persistent action to do what is most valuable and vital to my desired future. To speed up the process, I role-model the success of others in terms of beliefs and strategies; those who had escaped the golden handcuffs of employment and became successful entrepreneurs are my mentors. I am taking the same steps they did to break free from the 9-5 rat race. I found my passion, embraced the digital economy, and leaped forward – towards creating the life and business I love.

For full disclosure, I have yet to quit my full-time job, but I am well underway in my escape. As a result of my own journey, I realized my true life mission is to help millions of others just like me – people who are stuck in mediocrity, not living their passion, and want to make the great escape – break the chokeholds, come alive, unleash their inner power and become the best version of themselves with the life and business of their dreams.


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison, inventor

Breaking the psychological chokeholds enabled me to create the business of my dreams

Breaking my chokeholds, along with the desire to help others,led to forming ZAGGTIME, a Lifestyle Design company, to help employees make the escape to entrepreneurship, live their passion and experience more in their lives. People work with me to improve their personal and business development, as well as online skills training, with the intent of designing the life and business they love in today’s ever-evolving digital economy.

Personally, I enjoy sharing transformational stories and providing tactical tips, tools, and opportunities that inspire and enable people to live the freedom lifestyle. I enthusiastically guide people to ‘zagg’ while traditional employment encourages them to ‘zig’ with conformity. I get inspired by helping people create the income, lifestyle, and freedom they want.

Throughout my studies and experience , I have managed to record consistent habits, behaviors and action strategies – I call them success skills. When these skills are consistently practiced, they allow me (and my clients and students) to achieve personal growth, which is the key to living a new freedom-preneur lifestyle.


“A true measure of your worth includes all benefits others have gained from your success.” – Cullen Hightower, writer

Your call to action

If you are an employee yearning to escape, I want to acknowledge the successful entrepreneur that’s inside you now, waiting to get out and thrive. I am committed to helping you harness your creativity and courage, learn new skills, and take the right steps for success. I am committed to sharing the gift of possibility with you as a seeker of life quality and freedom-preneuring.

I wish you success on your journey of breaking the chokehold and busting into your best life.

If you would like to have a discussion about your psychological chokeholds, passion and dreams, please email me at or text at 306-570-7321. I look forward to building your next steps in designing the life and business you love.

Keeping your passion alive,

Doug Howorko, Founder

ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design

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