Breaking the chokehold podcast


Welcome to the podcast BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD – motivational interviews with successful entrepreneurs… that have designed the life and business they love – creating the income, lifestyle and freedom they want. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is about being a business owner and not an operator… working on your business and not in it! It’s all about building a business that supports a lifestyle to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, and as much as you want – becoming a true freedom-entrepreneur.


Our goal in producing this podcast is to highlight the importance of a sustained positive mindset and the effective strategies in the journey of becoming a freedom-entrepreneur. To help support you in your goal of escaping from employee to entrepreneur or just setting up a passion based side hustle so you can experience more in life.Podcast


With experts predicting a huge transition in economies as technology displaces more and more people, the need to support the entrepreneurial spirit is now greater than ever. In each podcast, we delve into the mindset and strategies needed to succeed in the new digital economy?


This is where BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD – comes into play. To succeed as a freedom-entrepreneur you must cut through the B.S. (fear and limiting beliefs) holding you back and attack your opportunities.  We all have the opportunity to live your passion and create the income, lifestyle and freedom we want.  But you must jump outside your comfort zone and take action.


During each episode we’ll interview a prominent Entrepreneur and discuss their greatest fears and how they overcame them to create their Passion based business, and the lifestyle they now live. As well we get into the strategies they employed to rise above the competition and succeed in the growing digital economy.


We get to know each entrepreneurs story, learning as we go, about what held them back, what was the final call to move forward, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.



We’re looking for the best stories and so we need your help to find them.

Send us a short email telling us who you think would be a BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD candidate and why.