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Confessions of A Real Person Overcoming A Negative Self Image

George here from Zaggtime, Recently I broke some new ground for myself overcoming a negative self image i didn’t really know I had.


After A 20 year Chokehold I finally have decided to attend the Banff Media Festival. The event is a who’s who in TV and Media where people go to pitch and buy ideas. Why is it a chokehold ? Well, for the longest time I haven’t felt that I was good enough to be in the same room as the top executives from Hollywood.  The worst part of it was that I had convinced myself that all sorts of other reasons were to blame. It costs too much. I have no good ideas to pitch, It’s too far to drive etc…Every year the event would come and go with me having the same ugly feeling inside. A Missed Opportunity.


image courtesy of the Alberta Media Production Industries Association

So this year I’ve decided to abandon my fears and go for it. You see I’ve realized how much I really love telling stories.  I also want to become better at my craft and the only way to do this is to put myself next to the people who can help me achieve my goals.  It’s been tough, I’ve had lots of anxious moments wondering what I was doing but I just need to lean in and do it. That’s the only win I really need.


I share this not to brag or even to really talk about myself. But because I know there are alot of people that share the same fears and self limiting beliefs. I don’t pretend to know all the answers but I’m trying to put myself out there partly for my own growth and to let others know that they’re not alone.


With this in mind I have a favor to ask… If you have suffered a similar type of fear please reach out to me and share your story. It’s only through sharing your story that you begin the process of overcoming it. Also, it helps us understand these chokeholds so we can become better at inspiring others. Your story will remain confidential.


Take the first step and contact me now


With gratitude,
Doug Howorko & George Tsougrianis



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