Suffer the Pain of Discipline from Overtime Communications on Vimeo.

Suffer the Pain of Discipline with No Regrets

Pain is a fact of life. Given the choice would you rather suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret? That’s the focus of this week’s Wake up Wednesday video blog. In this edition, I share some personal experiences of choosing discipline over regret. As a creative person I often associate discipline with a negative stereo type like an old crusty teacher who smacks a ruler on the desk while barking out the homework assignments.

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work smarter not harder

Work Smarter Not Harder – The #1 Secret To Business Success

Let it be known that the elusive freedom entrepreneur lifestyle is available to all of us!  But only to those entrepreneurs that work smarter not harder.  That means you need to become a business owner and not operator – a true business owner is one that works on their business and not in it!  In fact, the #1 secret to business success is to work smarter not harder by leveraging resources

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable… Your Growth Demands It

Hi friends its Doug Howorko here Co-Founder of ZAGGTIME-Freedom Lifestyle Design.  And it’s another edition of our WAKE UP Wednesday Video Blog Get Comfortable Being UncomfortableYour Growth Demands it.  The purpose of our video blog is to help Wake Up the entrepreneurial potential that lies within you and help you start to design the business and life you love.  Just as myself and my Co-Founding partner George Tsougrianis are doing with our lives.  We are pushing outside of our comfort zone every day and results are showing.

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Why I Sometimes Need To Unplug From Technology

So I lead a very plugged in life , on computers and smart phones virtually all day and I’m thankful for that because without these tools I’d never been able to become a digital filmmaker or start my media business. But like everything else sometimes too much of a good thing , well… can be too much! When this happens I need to unplug from technology and go old school.

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