Escape the 9 - 5

Escape the 9-5 – The #1 Solution

Learn about the #1 solution to escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich!  Wow…that may seem so far out of reach to you. But let me tell you one thing…if you THINK BIG and take the action to find the right opportunity, you too can escape the 9-5.  In fact many successful people that have escaped the 9-5 say that “if your mind can Conceive (set a big goal), and you fully Believe…you can Achieve anything you want”.  The goal: Escape the 9-5 rat race, live freely anywhere in the world and become financially abundant is attainable to us all.

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Fire Your Boss

FIRE Your Boss and HIRE Yourself

This week’s “Freedom Fridays” Blog will be discussing Characteristic #6 of the Millionaire Mindset – They are Independent Thinkers.  We discuss the reasons WHY independent thinkers – often Fire Their Boss and Hire Themselves.  We also want to introduce you to a proven solution – a system to help you fire your boss.  Keep reading and we will show you how.

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Developing My Mindset for Success

Hi friends..its Doug Howorko here with ZAGGTIME freedom lifestyle design.  I am really excited to share our second edition of our WAKE UP Wednesdays BLOG, where my partner George Tsougrianis and myself share some of our personal stories and life experiences in our journey WAKEing UP (creating winning beliefs, actions and results) designing the life we love. In today’s episode I share some experiences from  journey towards a mindset for success.

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