ZAGGTIME hosts “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” Mastermind Events for those entrepreneurs ready to be relentless in the pursuit of their happiness! Where you learn the skills and strategies to own your business as opposed to your business owning you – so you can design the life and business you love.


The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs events consists of diverse GROUP of highly motivated people… on the quest to create the income, lifestyle and freedom they want. The events help those committed to experiencing more life, by providing knowledge and platforms to achieve online residual income success.


Mastermind events



Learn how to:

  • Generate a six figure income, doing what you are passionate about that can impacted the lives of people, and be completely automated to make money while you sleep.
  • Operate your business from anywhere in world… where your work and vacation was completely seamless and integrated in your life… allowing you to work/travel and experience the gifts of the world.
  • Experience the freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, and as much as you want.


Lifestyle Entrepreneur events help you learn the tips, tactics, tools and training to developing systems in your business to create more time for self and loved ones – to experience more in life.


Wake upWe want to help wake up thousands of people to the opportunities available in the digital economy, and learn how to start and grow an online business – living their passion and creating the income, lifestyle and freedom they want with just a laptop/mobile phone and internet connection.


We provide learning experiences, new tools, training, coaching, and most importantly a supportive and fun community (of like minded entrepreneurs) required to successfully create YOUR “freedom lifestyle business.”


Sure you can learn through your own trial and error. But being part of a group that is bigger than yourself, allows you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be faster than you ever could on your own. You are guaranteed to fit in and accelerate your growth… Because in our group: you wont feel like a dreamer, everybody has the same desires, everybody is getting smarter, everybody is taking action, and everybody is committed to achieving more success and sharing their knowledge.


Remember… Some will do it now, some will do it later, and some will never do it! Be sure you are the one that does it now…


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The Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Regina, SK
283 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

WARNING: This Meet Up Group is ONLY for entrepreneurs ready to be relentless in the pursuit of their happiness! Where you own your business as opposed to your business owning …

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There is a harsh reality EVERY entrepreneur faces, during the course of their life. It’s the loneliness of being an entrepreneur. And the loneliness and stress of the entrepreneur… is something I’ve felt first hand.


So if you feel the same way… know you’re not alone. Know that all entrepreneurs at times in their journey suffer a lack of confidence from fear and limiting beliefs…Because of the stress of the day-to-day decisions…Because of that creeping feeling of the “what’s the next step” uncertainty…Because of the invisible enemy behind the corner called procrastination.


We, as entrepreneurs need courage. The courage to step up and ask for help. Thankfully, when that time came, I did raise my hand and asked for help. And the help and guidance I received led me to where I am today. In fact the #1 thing that transformed my life was being part of mastermind groups. Learning from others has allowed me to achieve a level of success I never felt possible:Doug Howorko - the lifestyle entrepreneur


  • Becoming an author, speaker and lifestyle enthusiast
  • Becoming a digital entrepreneur – launching my own online coaching and training business
  • Impacting many people’s lives all around the world
  • Becoming friends with other skilled mentors, coaches and entrepreneurs


If you want more out of life…more income, wealth, freedom, abundance, and are unsure what to do next. Stop suffering in silence. This is the exact reason why I’ve been making efforts to reach out to entrepreneurs through coordinating MEET UP’s and extend a helpful hand.


Here you will get immediate feedback, instant support, and my personal guidance and advice on pressing issues…while holding you ACCOUNTABLE to move your business forward. Even more exciting…you will get to learn exponentially from the collective genius of the group, all sharing their knowledge so that everybody gets smarter faster.


This is a non-judgmental forum to have your business questions answered by a diverse collective of forward-thinking game changers. Even people who don’t have an idea of what they want to do…are encouraged to join the group and attend events…so they can have a jump start in their process of finding their WHAT and WHY.



  • We help you add value to others, and set yourself up to receive
  • We help you take action, build your belief and see the potential in others
  • We train you with new skill sets, help you find answers, and implement effective tools
  • We help you get dreams bigger than your fears
  • We help you find your reason “why” to stay motivated
  • We help you learn the business basics, doing them often and doing them well
  • We help you build new business connections and have fun



“I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job of facilitating last night and thank you for creating that opportunity to network. I have been pulling back from my business due to some upheavals in my world and had declared the the summer as ‘off’ however have been handed so many wonderful opportunities in the last couple of weeks that it is getting hard to ignore . Anyway, thank you. It was exactly what I needed. Have a super day.”


“Hi Doug…Just wanted to Thank you for welcoming D. at your event. He gained some very helpful information from you. It is awesome that you are taking the time and sharing with those your wealth of knowledge!”