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Film Investigates Internet Money Making Venture

We are so excited to let you know that we just released an exciting new Film…GETTING RICH – No Experience Required.  The film investigates an Internet money making venture as we continue our quest to discover the secret to Getting Rich and living the freedom lifestyle.


Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, Co – Founders of ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design.


We’re just 2 regular guys that have WOKEN UP to Experience More in our life.  And we’re on a journey to design the life and business we love…impacting as many people as we can along the way.


About the Getting Rich Film 

For the past 2 years we have been on a journey of self-discovery trying to answer the question of what “Getting Rich” really means. Like so many that have woken up to the realization that we needed to change our lives we felt vulnerable…by still having the work and family commitments that tied us to our existing circumstance. We knew we needed to find the skills that would help transform our lives and help leverage various Internet money making ventures we were investigating.



During our journey we attend a conference in Las Vegas and enter the world of digital marketing talking to people who have chosen the digital economy as their solution to creating wealth. From individuals in their mid ‘30’s to those entering retirement age, each share their own story of why they’re seeking the digital lifestyle.


In the course of the film we discover 3 key principles to living a RICH life and reveal them towards the end of the film. The concepts are so simple yet so powerful that we felt it was important to share them within this blog.


3 Secret Principles to Getting Rich-Revealed!

  • The first principle is to harness your personal power by developing mindset skills:  Belief determines what you will think, what you think determines how you will Act, how you act will determine your life Results. What you believe is what you will create.


  • The second principle is to Embrace the digital economy by developing online marketing skills:  Learning must never stop… you must develop your own life curriculum that positions you as an expert in the growing digital economy.  By 2030, experts predict 2 Billion jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence.  Those choosing to re-skill will have the greatest opportunity.


  • And the third principle is to be of service and add value to people’s lives… because it’s not about you:  When you’re ready to be of service, and add value to others, you will become the change you want to see in the world. The secret to creating the life you want is to impact as many people as you can along the way! Don’t chase the money!  When what you do matters, everything will start to flow, including money.


As creators of the film we are committed to waking people up to the glorious fact… life is both precious and wonderous. You owe it to yourself, to your family and to the world to live a RICH life and to ultimately be the best version of yourself.


To watch our film “GETTING RICH – No Experience Requiredclick here


With gratitude;

Doug Howorko and George Tsougrainis

Zaggtime Lifestyle Design

A Six Figure Mentors (SFM) Partner


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