There is a rule that says: “Whatever got you to where you are today is not enough to get you any further.” What this means is that your current level of knowledge and skill has been sufficient to enable you to achieve your current income and standard of living. But for you to improve your income and your standard of living, and start a business… you must learn and apply the new skills that are essential for personal and business growth. There is no other way to get ahead except for you to become better at seizing new opportunities and finding your purpose and living you passion continually throughout your life.


After years of research, I’m finally revealing the secrets of my success… strategies to shatter your limitations, remove obstacles, and become unstoppable in designing the business and life you love. There is no one out there showing you the steps for how to set the right foundation for entrepreneurial success. This course is designed to do just that… provide you with those cutting-edge tips, tactics and tools to give you a full understanding of what it takes to go from average Joe to abundance Joe by transforming fears, limiting beliefs, and old habits, and get to your next level. It will help you start to formulate a clear and actionable plan to expedite your transition to becoming a freedom-entrepreneur… launching, scaling and growing an online business that will give you the time freedom, financial freedom and geographic freedom you desire.


Get ready to change your life:

The FREEDOM ENTREPRENEUR FORMULA – 7 Pillars are paramount to building an unshakeable foundation for your business and life success no matter what is going on in the world. And is your solution to LAUNCH YOU and start your own online business… creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire.


You can build something you love…. thriving and not just surviving these tough economic times ahead. Once you get the Rock Solid foundation in place by implementing a 7 Pillar framework, I guarantee you will not look back.


Get ready to….

  • Learn the tips, tactics, tools & training to help you anticipate and own the future, not fear it.
  • Take action right now to take charge of your life so that no matter what else happens, you are steady and strong on your course toward achieving your goals.
  • Focus on creating your dreams and living a life of purpose, meaning, success and joy. By gaining an advantage to create the life you want instead of letting your outside circumstances determine your life for you!

The 7- Pillar Framework to build a rock solid foundation for your business success is as follows:

PILLAR 1: Wake Up, Shake Up & Bake Up

Find your true authentic self and go get what you want:

So many people have lost touch with their own dreams. They’re sucked into the world of what society says is acceptable and others via social media. They work so hard in an unfulfilling and unsecure job making other people’s goals and wealth come to fruition… that they never look up to the horizon line and chart their own course.

In this pillar you will learn to be authentic, birth a new you and live with no regrets. Saying goodbye to procrastination and hello to consistent progress with techniques to stay motivated and disciplined in achieving the goals you desire.

Despite the chaos of what’s happening externally, or internally in your life, it’s your inner strength, your resilience, and most importantly, your mindset that truly shapes your future. It’s time to unlock your limitless potential by leveraging your strengths, aligning your goals, and taking decisive action.

Using personal development practices and techniques presented in this pillar helps you set the mental stage to: Develop a crystal-clear sense of who you are, where you are currently, where you want to go, and most importantly why you want to get there.

Get excited, as your life is about to change drastically as you start to build an unshakeable foundation of courage and self-confidence of a gladiator fighting for your best life… taking complete control of your destiny and manifest your dreams.


PILLAR 2: Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Create your own economy:

We all have the opportunity to build a passion-based side hustle… sharing your gifts, talents, passions, skills and experiences to the world. In this pillar, you’ll learn what it takes to become a successful, a high-level entrepreneur. From what skills to develop as you grow, to the entrepreneurial mindset you need to create a lasting legacy -and build something you love. Learn why becoming your own boss is the best opportunity to sleigh the 30-day monster (when there is always more month, left at the end of he monthly paycheck) and break free from the golden handcuffs of your JOB…. that is keeping you Just Over Broke. You just need to decide to unleash you inner entrepreneur and just do it. But make sure you find the business opportunity right for you… and do the “5 things” you must do every day to succeed as your own boss living on your own terms.


PILLAR 3: Embrace the Digital Economy

Develop online business skills:

Online marketing skills are necessary to win in the new digital economy. You’ll learn exactly what’s working right now in the online marketing world, and how creating an effective lead generation and conversion plan will help you close more sales and ultimately, increase your bottom line. You will also learn about the technical training available to you right now to start and run a business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop, a phone, and an internet connection. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to ensure your business can generate revenue 24/7 even while you are sleeping. Anyone with limited skills, education and money can start their own online business. Take advantage of the hot opportunities in the digital economy. You don’t want to be left behind!


PILLAR 4: Create an Effective Business Map

Navigate your business growth:

You need to continually strategize direction and income maximizing activities to ensure your business is successful, competitive, and profitable. A one-time business plan is not enough, you must weekly assess the 7 key pillars for effectively mapping the success of your business… to increase your profits in all aspects of your business so you’re leaving nothing on the table. You’ll learn how to optimize operations, reduce costs, and maximize revenues – all while keeping customer/client satisfaction high. If you don’t, watch out for the competition that will steal your market share.

PILLAR 5: Harness a Millionaire Mindset

Start to think and act like a millionaire:

Learn the difference between winners and losers. Millionaires do business differently, and we need to role model their mindset identifying any roadblocks to the flow of abundance… and implement the strategies to get million-dollar results. Flood your mind with powerfully effective positive thoughts and habits so you can achieve abundance in every area of your life and business. There is no quantum leap in your financial freedom without continuous positive thought, massive effort, and making continuous adjustments until you succeed.


PILLAR 6: De-Clutter to Get Stuff Done

Create more time and flexibility in your day:

 Develop an incredible level of self-discipline that makes procrastination and losing focus nearly impossible. Learn easy-to-implement time management strategies to set priorities on what’s important, be more efficient to maximize every minute of the day, work smarter not harder, getting more done faster, dramatically increasing your output to get the results you want. Your ability to get more done in less time is the key that unlocks your earning potential. Cleaning up life ‘noise’ will help you get more done in less time… creating more free time for business-building activities and work/life balance.


PILLAR 7: Live Energized

Harness the energy you need to succeed:

Designing a life and business you love takes big energy. In this pillar you will learn how to reduce stress, increase your health and wellness and create a harmonious life where success and well-being coexist. With the right energy you can win the day, win the month and the year! Getting healthy will give you the energy to do it all – that’s be a good parent, stay fit, have a social life, work your job while building a business, and develop the mindset to win. Get ready to learn the fundamentals of optimum health and wellness, set some personal goals, and commit to getting in the best shape of your entire life.



All 7 pillars are necessary to build a rock-solid foundation to support the construction of your dream business. It’s like building a house if the pillars that support the foundation are not all equally strong, your house will eventually crumble to the ground like a house of cards. Another way to look at it is the pillars also make up the essential parts needed to drive to the summit to your dream business and ultimately your life. Now imagine all of the things that must work for the car to get you to your summit destination. First, the battery must work. Then, the engine must work. The transmission must work. The wheels and tires must work. The electrical system must work. The accelerator (gas) pedal must work. The steering wheel must work… If ANY of these elements don’t work, then the car doesn’t work. And you will never arrive to the place you desire to be. And the same thing goes for your business. If all 7 Pillars are not developed equally strong, you will not have the mental capacities and business strategies necessary to succeed… and you will quit in on your business dreams when the going gets tough.


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