During the course of our Getting Rich film, Doug & George learned that a growing number of people are taking control of their lives by choosing to start a digital business. This path isn’t for everyone as becoming an entrepreneur takes time and requires a willingness to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. The upside is taking control of your life in a way that can give you the confidence to create the circumstances that allows abundance to flow into your life.


Fortunately as you saw in the film, the team at Six Figures Mentors (SFM) has created the tools and the community to help new digital entrepreneurs in their journey towards creating the life they desire.

We want to inspire you to take back your power and live the life you deserve.

Here’s our special offer

7 Day Training Program - At No Cost

Each day over the next 7 days we will email you a link to a special feature video that will educate you on the most cutting edge principles around online business, with each video demonstrating how realistic it is for YOU to start a profitable online business from scratch! This special offer is available to you through our Zaggtime Digital Academy and our partners at Six Figure Mentors (SFM).


Topics include:

  • An Introduction To The Digital Economy
  • Cashing In On The Digital Gold Rush
  • Big Problem. Big Solution
  • List Building For Profit
  • Earning Multiple Income Streams
  • Never Be Obsolete Again
  • Meet SFM Students Turned Mentors


Get ready to experience a whole different way of thinking! The SFM is an exclusive private community of like-minded members who are either already living, or in the process of creating their ultimate ‘digital life’.

Imagine learning about real strategies that show you how to be a successful online marketer.