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Make America Great Again – The Entrepreneurial Way

Let us start first with a harsh reality. No matter what anyone is saying – the global economy is rough out there and it is only going to get worse. See, the World has changed; however, we’re still running on old and faulty THINKING.




Let us start first with a harsh reality. No matter what anyone is saying – the global economy is rough out there and it is only going to get worse. See, the World has changed; however, we’re still running on old and faulty THINKING.


Let me explain…the world economy is going to be having more difficulty in the next few years due to governments having to engage in strict fiscal constraint.  There is a lot of debt and governments throw around the terms of millions, billions and trillions so easily that no one really knows how different the three amounts really are.


“Many countries are billions and even trillions in debt.  And they will not be able to continue to spend the way they have.  In fact millions, billions and trillions are not even in the same game together.”


  • 1 million seconds was 12 days ago
  • 1 billion seconds was 32 years ago
  • 1 trillion seconds was 32,000 years ago.


Many countries have created a fake delay in the economy through increasing debt from buyouts of large corporates.  But change is coming, guaranteed. We need to do our part and be more entrepreneurial.  We need to be prepared to innovate, and continue to take on new opportunities when these challenges come (recession or depression).


Welcome Digital Age – Goodbye Industrial Age


Listen, we’re also in a new age. We’re in the DIGITAL age. The Industrial Age is over and is now being replaced by the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is leading to some major challenges and opportunities for everyone.


The world is changing and the scary fact is that futurists are predicting things like by 2040, half of the jobs that exists in the world today will disappear.  They will be replaced by artificial intelligence (technology).  Other futurists are predicting that in the next 5 years that 90% of jobs that are $35k in salary and below won’t exist because they will be replaced by some sort of automation.  And then there are the more traditional businesses that we think are safe!  This is not the case.


“No matter what politicians say, the old manufacturing jobs of the industrial age are not coming back.  Even countries like China where labor is cheap are killing jobs because it is cheaper to manufacture products with robotics and artificial intelligence.”


There are many people behind the scenes that know what is going on in the world today.  Know with absolute certainty that there will be companies and businesses that are wiped out with people losing their careers and jobs.  Students coming out of university getting an education in a world that is completely different to the world that we have been in 20 years ago.


So many people are unaware as to what is happening.  The world we live in today is the digital world and we live in a digital economy.  While that sounds scary to the average person, we are great believers that there is more opportunities right now than there have ever been possible in history.  The good news is there is opportunity to create a career or business for yourself to earn income, doing something that provides you with purpose and passion and drive- something that gives you the freedom and flexibility.

Why Entrepreneurship Is The Key To Make America Great Again


Becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business has never been simpler than it is today in the digital economy.  This is truly the one time in our World that it’s becoming almost necessary that everyone accept entrepreneurship and take action to be part of the solution. It cannot be ignored anymore.


The benefits of entrepreneurship to growing an economy are:


  • For starters, entrepreneurs create new business. They invent goods and services, resulting in employment, resulting in more and more development, resulting in adding to national income.


  • New products or technologies create new markets, and new wealth. And increased employment and higher earnings contribute to a nation’s taxes and spending.


  • Research shows that 75% of all self-made millionaires achieved their wealth by owning a business.


  • Entrepreneurs create social change. Smartphones and their apps, for example, have revolutionized work and play across the globe.


  • Entrepreneurs invest in community projects and help charities and other good causes, further developing ventures beyond their own.


Governments cannot fix all the challenges (not any time soon).  You can only rely on one person and that is yourself and we truly believe that becoming entrepreneurial and starting a business is the main solution to making your country great again.”


We want to share a message of not just hope…but utter belief that you can reskill, you can become an entrepreneur and you can do your part for your country.  Just start to change the way you think and create a vision for yourself that exceeds anything you had dreamed possible.


The only question is…are you ready to take advantage of the opportunities ahead?


Good luck on your journey to making your life, your community and your country great again.


With Gratitude,

Doug Howorko & George Tsougrianis


Image credit: Creative Commons – Gaga Skidmore From Peoria, AZ, USA.


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