The Millionaire Mindset Makeover Workbook and Training Video is a step by step guide discussing the 13 characteristics of the Millionaire Mindset along with some interactive assignments to begin making over your own mindset for success.

 Do you have the Top Thirteen common traits of a Millionaire?


Zaggtime Digital Academy – The Millionaire Mindset Makeover – Special Free Offer

Our mission is to wake up millions of people, to realize the tremendous entrepreneurial potential that lies within them and experience more. We are determined to help others develop their Millionaire Mindset and empower people to live extraordinary lives.


What you get:

  • 1 hour Instructional video that outlines step by step the 13 principles of the Millionaire Mindset.
  • A companion workbook that discusses in detail the 13 characteristics.
  • Learning activities that will help you live and reinforce the Millionaire Mindset.


Who is the training meant for?

  • People tired of their circumstances.
  • New & existing entrepreneurs.
  • People who want to be challenged and grow.