Is your personal growht bound by golden handcuffs

Is your personal growth bound by golden handcuffs

Is your personal growth bound by golden handcuffs? If so you are giving up becoming the best version of you for a steady paycheck in a job you dislike. Many people never make the escape from employee to entrepreneur because the golden handcuffs (a steady paycheck in a job they dislike) has made them feel comfortable. They bound themselves from experiencing more – because they fear jumping out of their comfort zone to do what it takes to design a life and business they love.

For many years I always felt that my career was meaningful, so I put all my eggs in that one basket. But over time that became a big mistake for my personal growth and development. And over time, that became my number one chokehold preventing me from creating the income, lifestyle and freedom I wanted. My job provided just enough financial resources and benefits to stop me from going out and fully exploring my true potential in business. Hence, the golden handcuffs that kept me chained to my job.

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The fear of losing my income and quality of life prevented me from becoming and experiencing more

For the job I did, I was paid very well. So I always feared losing my income – being fired – for doing things like freelance projects outside my employment. I didn’t want to affect my minimal quality of life for myself and my children… and this fear became an excuse for not taking a chance on living my passion. becoming and doing more.

I was grateful for my job because it helped sustain my family. But I also recognized it wasn’t my passion. It didn’t bring out the best in me, and didn’t give me the freedom and abundance to experience the world. I wanted to do and experience so much more.

Mentally and emotionally, I was handcuffed. For years, I was fully committed to my employer and didn’t take chances. I was being paid to not do anything else and, consequently, let many opportunities pass me by over the years. These opportunities could have allowed me to grow, explore who I am, use my skills to their fullest potential and achieve more abundance.


“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson, former President of the USA

Don’t take advice from people that don’t have what you want

My inability to fully explore a world of opportunity outside of my job was, in part, because I was discouraged from working outside my job and from engaging my entrepreneurial spirit. My employer made it difficult for me to do anything other than my job due to overblown concerns about the potential for conflict of interest.

Amazingly, my parents even discouraged me – they are from the era of getting and keeping a job for 30+ years. They would say things like: don’t do anything stupid where you could lose your job, you are so lucky to have that job, you need your job, never quit your job. Their intentions were good but, essentially, they were projecting and instilling their limiting beliefs in me. I became brainwashed, believing they were right and I was stupid to think of becoming and experiencing something more outside of my career. Listening to this negative talk had a big impact on me.

You see, there comes a time in our lives where we get to make a choice. A choice which could make or break our future. And people around us are going to take notice. People are going to try to advise us, to hold us back, to prevent us from taking the leap. Maybe they’re jealous. Maybe they don’t know any better. Maybe they want you to stay right where they are. I know it happened to me starting out. I had to believe in myself enough to make the leap when others said it wasn’t worth the effort or what I wanted to do couldn’t be done. In their minds, they had proof that what I wanted to do wasn’t possible. What was their proof? They hadn’t done it. So what they expressed was, in fact, their reality. I wasn’t going to continue to let it be mine. The Point is.. it’s on us to push ourselves and take the leap.


“A ship in the harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd, second president and chairman of the board of Marshall Field & Company

The story of two frogs – an analogy of how listening to naysayers diminishes one’s spirit and outcomes in life

Described below is a great analogy about how listening to naysayers diminishes one’s spirit and determines one’s outcome if you believe it. This story hit me hard when I first read it.

There were a group of frogs traveling through the forest. Out of nowhere, two of them fell into a deep pit. The other frogs saw how deep the pit was and told the two frogs there was no hope left for them. The two frogs didn’t care. They ignored their comrades and proceeded to try to jump out of the pit. The group of frogs at the top of the pit were still saying they should just give up. They’d never make it out. Eventually, one of the frogs took heed of what the others were saying and stopped jumping. The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the group of frogs yelled at him to stop trying. They told him his fate was inevitable. He ignored them, and put all his power into one big, final jump. And… he made it out! When he got out, the other frogs said, “Did you not hear us, telling you to stop?” “I’m partially deaf,” said the frog. “I thought you were encouraging me the entire time.”

CALL TO ACTION – Learn how to achieve personal growth by escaping the golden handcuffs

You too may be bound by the golden handcuffs (a mundane and limiting job with a consistent paycheck) that meets your basic needs but is preventing you from living your passion and designing the life and business you love.

If you are dying inside from holding yourself back from breaking into my best life, you need to take action today and learn what you must do once and for all create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want. Don’t let the golden handcuffs of this conditioning restrain and scare you into believing you are crazy to jeopardize your job and your family’s well-being. Naturally, you will develop limiting beliefs that you cant do something better. But you can change your beliefs.

Through a new door of entrepreneurship, you will have the opportunity to create joy, wealth and abundance for you, your family and your community. Don’t be someone who only talks about change. When you truly breakthrough the stranglehold of the golden handcuffs, it’s the moment you make the decision your work and personal life will never be the same again. But you have to recognize the fear before you can break through it. And you need the right training and skills to help you unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

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“Everything you ever wanted, is on the other side of fear.” – George Addai

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Be vulnerable – birth a new you – and live with no regrets!

Keeping your passion alive,

Doug Howorko- Founder of ZAGGTIME

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