A Path to Wise Time Management for Business Success

Creating a path to wise time management for business success, has been critical to my side hustle success. When you work a full time job, have family responsibilities, schedule in daily fitness, and even work a part time job to help pay for expenses… effective time management is a must to successfully launch, scale and grow a business of your dreams. And In an era where technology advancements bombard us with information, managing our time effectively has become a crucial skill. With every passing day, we’re inundated with emails, notifications, and a constant stream of data and news, leading to information overwhelm and distractions that can derail our productivity and well-being. Let’s explore how to reclaim our time and focus in a world that’s always online.

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Your Wake Up Call: Embrace the Life you Deserve

Your wake up call: embrace the life you deserve or stay asleep, stuck at the wheel of your own life and living in complete mediocrity. In a world that seems to be on autopilot, it’s easy to settle into a life that’s less than what we dream of. But what if you could wake up tomorrow and start leading your life, living a life filled with passion, purpose, and success? This isn’t just a fantasy—it’s a possibility that starts with your personal wake-up call.

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5 Invisible Barriers to Growth

There are 5 Invisible Barriers to Growth…  preventing you from becoming more centered, more happy, more successful, more able to feel the day and sense joy, awe, and fulfillment! In our quest for a happier, more centered, and successful life, we often find ourselves paralyzed at a standstill, wondering, “What’s holding me back?” Identifying these obstacles (which of the 5 barriers is preventing your growth) is the first step towards unleashing our full potential and designing the life we love. Read more to learn the 5 key things that hold people back from living their best life and what actions you can take today to make a change to become the best version of you and experience more life.

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Embracing Happiness by Finding your Passion and Purpose

Embracing happiness by finding your passion and purpose must be our number one goal in life. But in the pursuit of happiness many of us find ourselves trapped in a cycle of discontent, not truly understanding what we desire from life. We get struck in a rut, like a rat in a caged wheel, (the old 9-5 trap) spinning our wheels fast but going nowhere… living a life of mediocrity and with unfulfilled dreams. The path to fulfillment, however, is not as elusive as it seems—it begins with the courage to step into your passion and find your purpose. Read more and answer the questions to start your journey to embracing happiness by finding your passion and purpose. Let’s GO!

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Embrace the Power of Multiple Streams of Income

In today’s rapidly changing economy, you must Embrace the Power of Multiple Streams of Income. The traditional model of relying solely on a single income source is no longer viable. The days when a family could thrive on a single breadwinner’s income are long gone. With the cost of living soaring, it’s imperative to ask yourself: How many income streams do I have? Read more about our upcoming economic realities and what you can do unleash your inner entrepreneur and create the income you desire.

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The future trends in a digital economy

The future trends in a digital economy

The future trends in a digital economy will include both consequences and opportunities.  The question is… will you be resilient to potential job loss, and be ready to take advantage of the new job and business opportunities that come available?

As major car companies, retailers, and many other industries go through global restructuring to be more competitive, they continue to close plants and brick and mortar stores – are laying off thousands of people – while ecommerce businesses continue to grow exponentially.  This is further proven by the slow demise of Black Friday, where only 44% of U.S. consumers say they plan to shop as much on Black Friday this year as they did last year, according to a survey from Deloitte. Cyber Monday in 2018 had its biggest internet shopping day in history. Shoppers are bypassing the crowds and lengthy in-store lines and opting instead to do their holiday buying online.

According to USA Today, citing eMarketer’s forecast – China’s online retail sales are expected to grow 7.5% to USD$5.6 trillion, while sales in the U.S. are seen to increase 3.3% to around $5.5 trillion. China will make up for 55.8% of global online retail sales by the end of 2019. We all need to be better prepared to transition out of the old economy, and take advantage of the new digital economy – to get your online piece of the pie.

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millionaire mindset makeover

13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset

There are 13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset that you must learn and adopt as your own, if you want to have any chance at designing the life and business you love… especially in a troubled global economy.

So as the world starts to “open back up,” it’s becoming clear just how difficult it’s been for people to shift their mindset. The greater problem is always the contagion of fear, restlessness, judgement, doubt, frustration, impatience.

The solution isn’t going to be the government, or when “everything goes back to normal again.”

The solution will be HOW you use your mind…

HOW you ACTIVATE yourself right now…

HOW soon and HOW well you get back on your A-game…

HOW you take charge of your future…

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What is the best business to start

What is the best business to start to escape the rat race, live anywhere and become financially self-reliant?

What is the best business to start to escape the rat race, live anywhere and become financially self-reliant? Many people are desperately seeking an answer to this question given the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis. If you have found yourself here on this page because you want to build your own career away from the rat race, become fully financially self-reliant, and you LOVE the idea of being able to live anywhere, then this could well be exactly what you’re looking for.

More and more people are looking for a realistic way to start a business while still working a day job, and the number one thing people like this tend to want to know – is if it’s realistic to replace their income before leaving their job to focus on the business full time.

I can tell you that it absolutely is realistic and more so than ever in today’s digital world. When I was starting out with my first online venture, I was working full time as a director in a large organization. I used my job to help fund my freedom business.

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Getting Rich

3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy

There are 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy, and when applied fully, you will achieve a fulfilling life… creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire. Read on as we reveal what those 3 secrets are, and how applying them has changed the lives of many people.

Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis here, sharing some very valuable information in today’s FREEDOM FRIDAYS blog. We’re just 2 regular guys that have WOKEN UP to Experience More in our lives. We’re on a journey to design the life and business we love… impacting as many people as we can along the way.

On our journey we discovered 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy and we reveal them in a short 20-minute film we produced called “GETTING RICH – No Experience Required”.  We hope that that this film helps you on your own personal journey to Getting Rich – that means getting more fulfilled by designing the life and business you love! You can access the film now in the link below.

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15 business experts use to win

15 business tips the experts use to win

The 15 business tips the experts use to win – are instrumental if you want to design the life and business you love… and create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want. Some of these tips I learned from the school of hard knocks – learning what to different when I failed. And others I role-modeled from successful entrepreneurs that were already winning in business. There is nothing wrong from learning from failure, but it is much easier to build a successful business when you role-model the success of others… it costs less money, and saves a lot of time. Learn and implement the 15 business tips the experts use and grow your business now.  Once you read this blog, you will realize how simple it is to achieve success.

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