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The Power of Harnessing Courage in Your 40’s

In today’s blog, the Founders of ZAGGTIME, Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, share a few insider tips from their own personal journey on how they harnessed the courage to start designing the business and life they love well into their 40’s! It’s never too late to live the dream!!

The story of Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, Founders of (ZAGGTIME – lifestyle business design) is a true account of how to find your passion, develop the business of your dreams and start creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire.

Throughout our journey, we also recognized that there were millions of people just like us who were searching for good advice on how to go about doing this dream.  What we found was,  even though there is ample information out there to guide people, in the end most people don’t  “have what it takes” to SACRIFICE  a few months of their life to do what most people won’t, so they can live the rest of their life like most people can’t.

What are the biggest reasons holding people back?  Why don’t they take action and spend the time necessary to find their passion, and develop the expertise to successfully launch a business of their dreams, to be the boss, to do what they love and be in charge of their destiny.  The reasons are that they don’t have TIME because they have a full time job, along with the ever important family commitments.   But the main reason is FEAR! Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of looking stupid, the list of FEARs goes on and on…

No, we are not some academic experts in this field, and we certainly did not come up with the idea.  We were just lucky enough to come to a threshold in our life, we understood what we would no longer tolerate in our life, and knew it was time to change, to move from desire and live our dreams.  We were determined, committed, disciplined, and a little crazy.  But we were smart enough to learn from and role model the best and then aggressively apply these same leadership principles to creating a life and business we love.

Harnessing the Courage

So, what are the initial secrets to breaking-free from all the personal chokeholds and false stories in our mind paralyzing us from moving forward?  Listed below are just a few tips to share that we implemented on our own personal journey:

  1. We had to change our beliefs that we could achieve more, we had to start dreaming BIG, and create expectation in our psyche that a lifestyle with abundant income and freedom was already within us and ready for the taking. In a sense all we needed to do wash “Cash In”. There is a rule in the Universe…“you get more of who you are, and not what you want”.  You must stop wanting and start to fully believing that you already are the person you want to become and are living the lifestyle you want to live!
  2. We needed to change our story from one of (lack and fear) not having enough money or skills or courage to act… to one of a Gladiator, with full belief in personal skills, and the courage to get in the game/arena, take action and abandon the fear of failure. The Gladiator psychology is fearless, and the more he/she plays the game, gets in the arena, the more likely they will die.  There is a saying “if you get in your head you are dead”.  We would not allow negative beliefs about our ability, or personal situations control our destiny any longer.
  3. You can’t get to second with one foot on first, so we put the Gladiator within us in charge, and went all in to achieve our vision. We started to become innovative and action oriented.  We started to build momentum and having fun challenging ourselves to become more.  No one was going to work harder or smarter than we were.  We knew it was our time.  We decided to become great and didn’t want to settle for just being good.  Good is the enemy of being great.

We challenge all of our readers to step into life full force.  Be the mover and shaker!  Embrace the power of risk… and be a Gladiator!

Take that first step of action , connect with us on Facebook and start moving forward one small step at a time.

With gratitude,Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis

Founders of ZAGGTIME

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