A Path to Wise Time Management for Business Success

Creating a path to wise time management for business success, has been critical to my side hustle success. When you work a full time job, have family responsibilities, schedule in daily fitness, and even work a part time job to help pay for expenses… effective time management is a must to successfully launch, scale and grow a business of your dreams. And In an era where technology advancements bombard us with information, managing our time effectively has become a crucial skill. With every passing day, we’re inundated with emails, notifications, and a constant stream of data and news, leading to information overwhelm and distractions that can derail our productivity and well-being. Let’s explore how to reclaim our time and focus in a world that’s always online.

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Your Wake Up Call: Embrace the Life you Deserve

Your wake up call: embrace the life you deserve or stay asleep, stuck at the wheel of your own life and living in complete mediocrity. In a world that seems to be on autopilot, it’s easy to settle into a life that’s less than what we dream of. But what if you could wake up tomorrow and start leading your life, living a life filled with passion, purpose, and success? This isn’t just a fantasy—it’s a possibility that starts with your personal wake-up call.

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5 Invisible Barriers to Growth

There are 5 Invisible Barriers to Growth…  preventing you from becoming more centered, more happy, more successful, more able to feel the day and sense joy, awe, and fulfillment! In our quest for a happier, more centered, and successful life, we often find ourselves paralyzed at a standstill, wondering, “What’s holding me back?” Identifying these obstacles (which of the 5 barriers is preventing your growth) is the first step towards unleashing our full potential and designing the life we love. Read more to learn the 5 key things that hold people back from living their best life and what actions you can take today to make a change to become the best version of you and experience more life.

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Unleash the Gladiator Within: Fight for Your Best Life

Unleash the Gladiator Within and Fight for Your Best Life! Don’t let fear and self doubt control your life outcomes. A year from now, do you still want to be chasing the same unfulfilled dreams? Imagine the pain of looking back to find you haven’t moved an inch towards your goals – starting that million-dollar business, achieving your dream physique, or finding your soulmate. The harsh truth? This stagnation often stems from a deep-seated belief that you’re not enough, and a crippling victim mentality. Read more to find out why you must unleash the monster within, get rid of the victim mentality, take charge of your life outcomes… and start doing what you fear.

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Reclaiming Time to Make Every Minute Count

To design the life and business you love, you must focus on Reclaiming Time to Make Every Minute Count. “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst,” said William Penn. In our bustling lives, filled with commitments and distractions, it’s easy to lament, “I wish I had more time.” Whether it’s for fitness, business, family, or passions, the clock seems to race against us. But here’s a secret: you do have more time. It’s not about finding more hours; it’s about using them wisely.

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Stop Blaming & Complaining – the Law of Attraction Works

Stop blaming & complaining – the law of attraction works. The study of psychology has found that whatever you imagine is who you become; and whatever you focus on is where you will go!. So you better focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. Because you get more of who you are and that’s what you constantly  think about an believe to be true.

On your journey to achieve a better life, remember this… success isn’t just a destination; it’s an energy that you attract with your thoughts and actions. Isaac Newton’s principle, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” isn’t just a law of physics; it mirrors our life experiences. Think about it – if your mind is clouded with negativity, that’s exactly what life throws back at you. Conversely, positive thoughts pave the way for positive outcomes. This isn’t just a theory; it’s a natural law as real as gravity. The law of attraction, as explored in books and movies like “The Secret,” operates on this simple rule: Focus on what you want, not what you don’t, and take actionable steps to manifest it.


Stephen Curry, the basketball icon, said it best: “Be the best version of yourself in anything that you do. You don’t have to live anybody else’s story.” This is the essence of the law of attraction.

By understanding how the law of attraction works – as the movie “The Secret” demonstrates – you can transform your mindset. The path to success is about stopping the cycle of complaining and blaming and turning negative beliefs into positive action. Your life follows where your focus goes, so steer it advantageously with positivity and goals/outcomes you desire. Remember, leadership in life demands maturity, and part of that maturity is stepping away from a mindset of complaint and blame, as echoed by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: “People who do not have their own house in order should not be trying to reorganize the world.” It’s about taking control of your life first, not letting external factors dictate your happiness and success. Legendary football coach Paul Bear Bryant’s philosophy encapsulates this: “What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. Every day is a trade, a choice between success and failure, gain and loss.

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What Stops Us From Moving Forward?

I’ve made it my personal mission to study and become an authority in the subject matter… “What Stops Us From Moving Forward”?

I’ve always felt there had to be something more out there for me – something better, that comes from living with purpose, on your own terms, and achieving financial freedom. The problem was I had been conditioned from the start at a young age – to set my alarm clock and force myself out of bed; to sit in traffic; commit to a job that doesn’t use my true gifts and talents. Being stuck in a stuffy office all day long… saying “yes boss”, “no boss.” Putting in all my efforts to make someone else rich. And coming home exhausted; and finding my self living paycheck to paycheck. Shockingly, most of us do this every single day. So, what is stopping us from moving forward?

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Blog - the secret to success

Breaking the Chokehold is Critical to Living Your Best Life

Breaking the Chokehold is critical to living your best life! I learned this important secret to success about 5 years ago, when I heard a quote form the famous guru Tony Robbins and it stated “We only grow our life and business success to the level where we have placed chokeholds (the mental fears and limiting beliefs) on ourselves.” Because of chokeholds, we die inside our head even before our real biological time is up, never taking the chance to design the life and business we love. As a result we take all of our talents, gifts, skills and experiences with us to the grave yard, which in essence becomes the richest place on earth full of people’s missed opportunities, ideas and abundance.

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millionaire mindset makeover

13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset

There are 13 characteristics of a Millionaire Mindset that you must learn and adopt as your own, if you want to have any chance at designing the life and business you love… especially in a troubled global economy.

So as the world starts to “open back up,” it’s becoming clear just how difficult it’s been for people to shift their mindset. The greater problem is always the contagion of fear, restlessness, judgement, doubt, frustration, impatience.

The solution isn’t going to be the government, or when “everything goes back to normal again.”

The solution will be HOW you use your mind…

HOW you ACTIVATE yourself right now…

HOW soon and HOW well you get back on your A-game…

HOW you take charge of your future…

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Getting Rich

3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy

There are 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy, and when applied fully, you will achieve a fulfilling life… creating the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire. Read on as we reveal what those 3 secrets are, and how applying them has changed the lives of many people.

Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis here, sharing some very valuable information in today’s FREEDOM FRIDAYS blog. We’re just 2 regular guys that have WOKEN UP to Experience More in our lives. We’re on a journey to design the life and business we love… impacting as many people as we can along the way.

On our journey we discovered 3 secrets to Getting Rich in today’s economy and we reveal them in a short 20-minute film we produced called “GETTING RICH – No Experience Required”.  We hope that that this film helps you on your own personal journey to Getting Rich – that means getting more fulfilled by designing the life and business you love! You can access the film now in the link below.

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