Is your personal growht bound by golden handcuffs

Is your personal growth bound by golden handcuffs

Is your personal growth bound by golden handcuffs? If so you are giving up becoming the best version of you for a steady paycheck in a job you dislike. Many people never make the escape from employee to entrepreneur because the golden handcuffs (a steady paycheck in a job they dislike) has made them feel comfortable. They bound themselves from experiencing more – because they fear jumping out of their comfort zone to do what it takes to design a life and business they love.

For many years I always felt that my career was meaningful, so I put all my eggs in that one basket. But over time that became a big mistake for my personal growth and development. And over time, that became my number one chokehold preventing me from creating the income, lifestyle and freedom I wanted. My job provided just enough financial resources and benefits to stop me from going out and fully exploring my true potential in business. Hence, the golden handcuffs that kept me chained to my job.

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Make a Choice to take a Chance... and Change your life

Make a Choice to take a Chance… and Change your life

Make a choice to take a Chance… and Change your life. Your life of lack and mediocrity will never change unless you choose to take action to change it. Designing the life and business you love sounds harder than it is when you actually do it. Simple steps lead to pretty fantastic outcomes. Where you start is not what matters; instead, the choices you make about where you are determined to finish are everything. The choices you make will determine if, when, and how fast you create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want… and take action toward achieving it.


“The three C’s of breaking into your best life: you must make a choice to take a chance on your life, or your life will never change.” – Anthony Robbins, Personal Mastery teacher

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is sfm a scam

Is SFM A Scam?

Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, Co – Founders of ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design.


We’re investigative storytellers on a journey to discover cutting edge tools and strategies for empowering ourselves in creating a Rich Life.

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overcoming negative thoughts

Overcoming Negative Thoughts of Cave Men

Through our experiences in economic development and the media we’ve witnessed something very troubling. Working with many communities we’ve have noticed people are experiencing a deep sense of loss. A feeling of defeat due to challenges in the global economy along with the displacement of jobs due to technology.

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