Up your attitude and drive with your why

Up your attitude and drive with your why

Up your attitude and drive with your why is key to designing the life and business you love. Attitude and a strong reason why will ensure you persist in creating abundance in your life (the income, lifestyle and freedom you want). If you don’t like where you are in life, all you need to do is make the decision to change, then up your attitude (your beliefs about what you can do), take massive action and push for amazing results –never quit.  The key to overcoming adversity is to never give up. It’s that simple!


“Being relentless is like water cascading over the edge of a waterfall — consistent, powerful and by design, never ending.” – HOPE CEO, John Hope Bryant.

Are you ready for change?

Nobody dreams of working long hours in a job with limited potential, yet so many do just that. Even before you get to the office, an annoying alarm clock wakes you, you have to battle traffic to get to your job or, even more insulting, you get stuck in traffic.

At the office, you take orders from a boss you don’t like, stuffed in a grey box with four walls if you are lucky or a cubicle if you’re not. All this knowing you’ll get paid a wage that doesn’t respond to how hard you work. This might sound negative but we’ve all been stuck in a rut like this, wondering when someone is going to save us, or wishing we could win the lottery and have the freedom to do as we choose. But those things are fantasies. the only way out of the rut is for you to up your attitude and drive with your why.


“The secret of success is the consistency of purpose… understand your why.” – Benjamin Disraeli, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Hope is not a strategy

So, why do many of us keep doing the same things day in and day out and, while, ironically, expecting a different result – that life will somehow get remarkably better. It’s our lack of resilience in navigating the discomfort of change, and as a result, because we don’t have the courage to stay outside our comfort zone… we miss out on new opportunities and greater experiences that are available to all of us.dream bigger

Hope is not a strategy. You need to up our attitude up with a growth mentality, the internal drive to thrive. The same mentality of our ancestors – pioneers who migrated to new lands with only the clothes on their backs. In search for a better life. You must believe you can experience more, and you must harness strong reasons why you want a better life or you will quit when the going gets tough. When you up your attitude and have a strong reason why, you will elicit the law of attraction, putting you in a better position to collaborate effectively with those around you, and use resources at hand to create prosperity.


“Nothing happens until someone gets excited. Just think about that for a minute – if one of your parents didn’t get excited, you would not have been born” – Unknown

Only you can change your life

The terrifying part is, when you finally decide to change, you become solely responsible for your actions. You can’t blame your situation on other people anymore. You can’t make excuses. It’s now up to you to innovate, find new solutions, learn new skills, change your career, explore entrepreneurship, and take the risk.  You alone must keep getting up after you’re knocked down and do what is hard until it becomes natural.

Success and failure aren’t always determined by ability, but are always determined by attitude. Having the right attitude will fuel you through doing what is hard. Your mindset defines success or failure. From my experience, success is always 90% attitude (patience, persistence, and positivity) and 10% ability (skills). As long I have the right mindset to succeed, I can always learn the skills needed to achieve. So if you want success, all you have to do is “up your attitude and drive with your why” and see the changes happen.

Success grows from taking small actions

To become the best version of yourself and do amazing things starts by taking small actions, and making small improvements, towards your goal. In the beginning, you may not have the right attitude, because you don’t fully believe you have what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. The first step is to eradicate the self-doubt that is holding you back, for it will blind you to the possibilities available. Then begin to visualize yourself as a success, making small improvements daily towards your goal. It’s the small improvements that will help you believe, and will up your attitude for success.

To demonstrate this point, consider that there is a big difference between water at 211 degrees Fahrenheit and water at 212 degrees. At 211 degrees, it is just hot water but, at 212 degrees, water boils. We have to get ourselves to a full boil –  up your attitude, get excited and confident about breaking the status quo into the unknown potential.

CALL TO ACTION – Learn how to up your attitude and drive with your why

Don’t settle for what the world says is acceptable – instead, go for what you want and what you are capable of achieving. It is my mission you have a full understanding of what it takes to break into your best life and design a business of your dreams. I want to help you learn how to up your attitude and drive with your why.

Powerful emotions have the ability to blast you forward to new places. Upping your attitude and driving with your why engages those emotions and fuels you in going beyond what you think is possible.

With the right attitude and strong reason why you can harness confidence and drive to face the fear, the unknown, the potential ridicule and likely rejection. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Be willing to do what it takes to achieve your dream life. If you have visions of experiencing more, it’s because your spirit is expressing itself for more fulfillment, what you are capable of. But you have to up your attitude and drive with your why, you have to go after what you want, it doesn’t come to you.  Go for the income, lifestyle and freedom you desire… it tales work, and jumping out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it.

I want to help you create a plan that is clear and actionable, and that you have access to the tips, tactics, tools and training to expedite your personal transformation. Contact me for a FREE one-on-one strategy session about how up your attitude and drive with your why… to create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.

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Be vulnerable – birth a new you – and live with no regrets!

With gratitude,

Doug Howorko – “the lifestyle entrepreneur” & founder of ZAGGTIME

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