How to wake up with excitement

How to wake up early with excitement

How to wake up early with excitement and go to bed late with enthusiasm is very easy to do… if you are prepared to make some changes. For a long time, I was severely depressed by my professional life. I was disillusioned by the lack of growth, and passion in my career. I would often wake up with a pit in my stomach, feeling ill, knowing I had to go to a job that didn’t fulfill me, I had to take orders from multiple bosses, and use my skills to make everyone else successful. A nice consistent paycheck was the only thing that kept me at my job.

If you feel the same way, you are not alone. Researchers say that seven in ten people hate their jobs. Even if given a raise, these employees still wouldn’t be happy. Only 13% of employees are engaged in their careers, or emotionally invested in their world and focused on helping their organizations improve. 63% of employees are “not engaged” or are unmotivated, while the remaining 24% are “actively disengaged” or unhappy and unproductive.


“Why do you live in a prison when the door is wide open.” – Deepak Chopra, author, speaker, alternative medicine advocate

Know what you want and what you don’t want

The thought of spending eight hours at my desk being micromanaged, while watching my growth and passion stagnate, was soul-crushing. The cold winter months were worst. Leaving home in the dark and then coming back at day’s end in the dark, with little time to spend with my kids, was killing my spirit. I felt trapped, drained of energy, and my zest for life was gone. I felt like I was not making progress in life, like I was banging my head against the wall repeatedly every day. I was not waking up early with excitement and going to bed late with enthusiasm.  It was doing the opposite. I was waking up ill and depressed and going to bed full of anxiety knowing what I was up to the next day.

I never should have rushed myself into a dead-end career and kept myself there, stagnant for so long. I truly believe we each have the opportunity to gain more freedom and do what we enjoy and love doing – to work for passion and profit – and do it in a way that provides more free time for what’s truly important.


“One learns more from ten days of agony than ten year of contentment.” – Merle Shain, author and journalist

The steps required to wake up early with excitement and go to bed late with enthusiasm

I would ask myself daily, “Is this it? Is this how it’s going to be? Isn’t there anything more?’” My life was neither fun nor exciting. Finally, I hit my threshold. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to stop working so hard – struggling, suffering, sacrificing… I had to stop it all. I knew I had to move forward and do something to feed my soul and get passion back in my life. I needed to change my approach. I needed a new strategy and actions that would help me find my way. But I had no idea what to do or how to do it. All I had was my newfound motivation to move from pain following my desire.


“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not to discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.” – William Ellery Channing, theologian

I started by evaluating my life accomplishments and direction. I asked myself, “Have I become the best version of me? Am I living up to my potential? Am I doing what I love to do?” My answer to all three questions was a flat-out and emphatic “NO!”

I was living someone else’s life, doing what society said I should do – go to school, get a job, and work until I retire. I was caught in a trap, working a 9-5 job, acting a part, playing a role, wearing a mask. I was frustrated with my career limitations, and with the fact I was not living my passion. I was on a clear path to living a life full of regrets.

Since then, I decided to go against the grain of being a “lifer” employee. I made it my quest to design the life and business I love and achieve ultimate freedom – doing what I want, when I want, where I want, with whom I want and as much as I want.

I started searching for answers by looking for what inspired me and brought value to my life. I began asking myself, “What is it that would bring me the most joy and happiness?” Regardless of what anyone else said – the media, my parents, my family, my friends – I had to find out what it would mean for me to be happy and prosperous.


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Anthony Robbins, Personal Mastery teacher

For weeks, I spent every possible hour imagining what it would be like – to wake up enthusiastically in the morning to get back at ‘it’ while giving me an abundance of freedom and income. I discovered what juiced me was personal development, digital entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and genuinely making a positive and significant difference in people’s lives. I entertained visions of living on a beach with just a laptop and an internet connection, doing work I had passion for, being in control of my destiny.

Launching a new enterprise outside my job not only put more money in my pocket but also provided a safeguard against a sudden layoff or pay-cut that haunted my thoughts. Job security is an illusion. People, including myself, feel an incredible sense of uncertainty, frustration and even fear about keeping their job. As an entrepreneur, you take the risk – but you also gain the rewards.

With a successful passion-based side hustle… I can truly say that I now wake up early with excitement and go to bed late with enthusiasm.  I am in control of my ultimate destiny. I am designing the life and business I love.

Call to Action

It is my mission you have a full understanding of what it takes (to wale up early with excitement and go to bed late with enthusiasm) and a plan that is clear and actionable.  It starts with getting access to the tips, tactics, tools and training to expedite your personal transformation. Don’t settle for what the world says is acceptable – instead, go for what you want and what you are capable of achieving.

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