Are you an average Joe or abundance Joe?

Are you an average Joe or abundance Joe?

Are you an average Joe or abundance Joe? If you want to create more abundance in your life, you will have to think and act differently. Abundance does not come to you, you have to go get it.

According to survey data from ThermaSoft, for the average North American’s picture of success is about $150,000 in annual income, a spouse, a couple of kids, a ten-minute commute, and a generous amount of vacation time.

In the eyes of the average Joe, I was successful. But deep down, I was unsettled, I was unfulfilled and wanted more abundance. I was grateful for what I had achieved in my career, but I was dying inside. I wanted to wake up with excitement early in the morning, and go to bed late with enthusiasm again. I knew there was more for me to do, experience and become.

Don’t get me wrong – there was nothing technically “wrong” with my job, other than my psychological relationship with it. Most people would jump at the opportunity to have my career despite its challenges. But I grew out of it, I visualized a more abundant lifestyle and could s not tolerate my current circumstance any longer. I didn’t want to be “average Joe” – I wanted to be “abundance Joe”.


“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” – Oscar Wilde, poet and playwright

The desire for abundance will cause stress if not acted on

Desperately wanting to escape from employee to entrepreneur and live my passion, and experience more in life – I came down with a serious eye problem. It would act up on Monday mornings just as I got to work. Sometimes it would last all five days of the work week.

It’s when you arrive in the office in the morning and you CAN’T SEE. You are so full of negative emotion you CAN’T SEE yourself working in your job anymore, and you can’t take it anymore.

This kind of eye problem is caused by stress due to the following:

  • Stress from wasting your time and potential. Not working on what you are passionate about or is essential to you. Always wishing you had a job you didn’t need a vacation from
  • Stress from the lack of flexibility in your day, and not being able to be at special events for your family. No one likes being forced to work 8 to 10 hours surrounded by four dingy walls, or cramped in a cubicle in a toxic job culture.
  • Stress from working hard and not working smart. Not setting yourself up to create a stream of residual income where you can make money while sleeping. You are tired of working long hours, trading time for money, and not able to get ahead in life.

I see many people with this same eye problem. Go to the mall and look in people’s eyes – you can see the pain. They are not enjoying the day-to-day process of just getting by, doing the same thing over and over and wishing for a better life.

If you also have this eye problem, it’s time to clear it up once and for all. It takes a special prescription – that is to start thinking with an abundance mindset. Developing an abundance mindset will help you wake up to what you want and what’s possible, help you see the opportunities right in front of you, motivate you to take action and become the best version of yourself.


“Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you: Dream and he thinks you are crazy; Succeed and he thinks you are lucky; Acquire wealth and he thinks you are greedy. Pay no attention, he simply doesn’t understand.” – Robert G. Allen, speaker and author

If you don’t change and become more abundant, you will be left behind.

If wanting more is not enough to motivate you to make changes in your life, beware. Soon you will be forced to change, to become better, stronger and faster, because continuous advancements and readjustments in the world economy will leave you behind.

The business world is undergoing a breathtakingly rapid transformation. Employees all over the globe are being displaced from the rise of the digital economy, as artificial intelligence and technology continue to replace humans in jobs. In addition, more of North Americans’ paychecks are being diminished as they increasingly go to higher living costs, pay taxes, out of pocket costs and insurance deductibles to support healthcare.

Future success will be reaped by those people with strong entrepreneurial and digital skills. In a digital economy, the global marketplace gives us all a chance to compete for more customers. With digital savvy and capability, you can also live and operate a business from virtually any geographic location. This greater abundance and freedom lifestyle will only be available to those who are prepared.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller, author, political activist and lecturer


CALL TO ACTION – Learn how to move from average Joe to abundance Joe

Every day, I worked hard to make my escape from employee to freedom-preneur come alive. I didn’t want to be an average Joe anymore… I wanted to be an abundance Joe and live a life of freedom, flexibility and opportunity, doing what I was passionate about, and living on my own terms.

I wanted a business that positively changed myself and the world by adding value to people on a massive scale. Contributing to the success of others feeds my soul. Improving people’s lives gives me more juice, more excitement, and purpose, and reinforces the drive to continue on my own growth.

To learn how to move from an average Joe to an abundance Joe by setting up a side hustle that you are passionate about – take the same FREE training I did. I guarantee it will set you on a path to create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want in the new digital economy.


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Be vulnerable – birth a new you – and live with no regrets!

Keeping your passion alive,

Doug Howorko- Founder of ZAGGTIME

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