Artificial Intelligence & Robots Set to Displace Jobs in Record Numbers

Technology is changing on a daily basis as the world around us becomes more automated through the use of Artificial Intelligence & Robots. And according to a study from Oxford University, 45% of the jobs in the world will be eliminated in the next 25 years due to this and other disruptive technology.


As dismal as this may sound, one Futurist says the way people learn will fundamentally change.


“We predict people entering the workforce in 2030 will need to reboot their skills 6 times” says Top Futurist Thomas Frey.


He goes onto say that the current educational system was never designed for this rapid pace of learning.  This will create challenges in delivery leading to a rise of new services driven by technology. Frey believes this shift in retraining will lead to more private companies offering learning solutions.


One such company capitalizing on this opportunity is the Digital Experts Academy, an on-line training institution. It offers students the opportunity to learn about digital marketing and the creation of digital businesses. Co – Founder Stuart Ross says his company trains people how to operate a business in the digital world. He says unlike a traditional business a digital business relies on the Internet which offers allot of advantages including a greater reach and lower costs.


In the end Futurist Thomas Frey suggests that your education is never finished and one should commit to life- long learning. For those individuals who embrace the advancements in technology as tools to enhance their skills, will be better prepared for the future changes in the employment landscape.


If you would like to find out more about Thomas Frey and his predictions check out his website.


If you would like to learn more about Digital Experts Academy and the courses it offers click here.


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