How personal chokeholds strangle your success

How personal chokeholds strangle your success

How personal chokeholds strangle your success. A personal chokehold is like having a stranglehold around your neck, but it’s psychological vs. physical. Even so, it has the same power and negative consequences as someone physically grabbing you around your neck, choking you, holding you and preventing you from moving.

The psychological chokeholds we put on ourselves paralyzes and prevents forward momentum. Chokeholds are limiting beliefs that create fear – the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of ridicule, fear of making a mistake, fear of looking stupid and so many more.

When caught in a chokehold, people sit on the fence of (in)decision. They choose to do nothing vs. taking responsibility, harnessing courage and taking action. Of course, waiting for the perfect moment means waiting for never.

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“Success and failure are not overnight experiences. It’s the small decisions along the way that cause people to fail or succeed.” – Anthony Robbins, Personal Mastery teacher

But it’s hard to acknowledge our chokeholds. Chokeholds are hard to spot because they’ve had you in their vise for so long. You don’t necessarily feel it because, in some ways, chokeholds give you what you want – by not stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming the best version of you… you get a sense of security, you stay in a job you dislike to feed your family. The shadow side of chokeholds – fear and stagnation – doesn’t show itself until you look for it. Many people don’t know they are slowly dying in a life of mediocrity, missed opportunity and regret. But you do or you wouldn’t be reading this now.

The slow strangle of chokeholds is like the “boiled frog syndrome.” A frog placed in a pot of hot, boiling water will immediately jump out. But, if you gently put a frog in lukewarm water, it will stay put, even if the temperature increases because it gets used to the heat. The frog becomes groggier and does not recognize the danger until it’s too late. The frog’s internal survival apparatus for sensing threats is geared to sudden changes in its environment – not slow gradual changes. This same paralysis and inaction happens in people with mental chokeholds.

We all have fears; worries stack up when we don’t proactively get rid of them. Collectively, these become extreme, locking-in and shutting down our ability to respond. Full of fear, we stop thinking logically, develop limiting beliefs and lose hope. Eventually, total paralysis prevents us from taking the necessary steps to break into our best life. We give up and die inside before our natural time is up. Our dreams are forgotten, and our chances of becoming who we wanted to be never come to pass.


“We learn the rope of life by untying its knots.” – Jean Toomer, poet and novelist

CALL TO ACTION – Learn how to break chokeholds strangling your success

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