How to break through the B.S. holding you back

How to break through the B.S. holding you back

Learning how to break through the B.S. holding you back… will enable you to finally design the life and business you love.  If you are reading this week’s blog, it is likely you have “bull shit-belief systems” (B.S.) – fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from becoming the best version of you.

Although you may have a grasp on your life mission or purpose to take control of your life so you can enjoy more free time and financial abundance – you just can’t seem to make progress because the B.S has a stranglehold on you. But you are at your limits… you can’t take mediocrity anymore… you are ready to do what it takes (break through the B.S.) to create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want.


Your desire to break through the B.S. holding you back and experience more speaks to your destiny for great things to come your way. As Tim Ferris says “A large percentage of people are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for mediocrity.” You are clearly not one of those people.


“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Elliot, poet, essayist, publisher, playwright

The simple steps to break through the B.S. holding you back

Creating the life and business you love is possible with time, discipline and action to learn and apply the necessary steps for success. Implementing the simple steps outlined in my upcoming book “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” will challenge you to be greater, to live your passion, to explore the world of digital entrepreneurship, and to dare the fire and fury of a journey that will take you places you cannot yet imagine.

The simple steps in the book identify leading-edge ideas as well as practical tools and tips role-modeled from successful entrepreneurs. In a broader sense, “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” seeks to infuse inspiration, leadership, and effectiveness for you to become the best version of YOU and, as a result, experience “more”.

These deceptively simple steps are:

  • Wake Up, Shake Up and Bake Up
  • Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur
  • Embrace the Digital Economy
  • Create an Effective Business Map
  • Harness Your Millionaire Mindset
  • CLEAN Up Your Life to Get Stuff Done
  • Live Energized – Health is Wealth

The questions you may be asking, “Will these steps work for me?” “Are these steps easy to learn and use?” “Will these steps produce results?

My answer is yes! That said, you are the only one in control of your destiny. All you need is the right steps and tools to guide you – combined with right action. I have personally implemented each of these steps and tools, and am making huge progress along the way.


“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.” – Henry Miller, writer

How to use my upcoming book “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” to break through the B.S. holding you back

First, this book is interactive. There are opportunities to personally do some deeper thinking on the content, along with fun exercises, access to video links, and references to websites for further learning.

Second, this book is for implementer’s ready to achieve results. You will see lots of ideas you can use to produce immediate results but, if you’re afraid to change and lack the courage to move your dreams forward, then this book won’t work for you.

Third, this book wasn’t intended to be a number one bestseller (even if that happens). It’s designed to make you think and help you learn some tried and tested strategies. The goal is to gain insight into new methods for breaking into your best life. My intention is to help you determine if entrepreneurship is right for you.

Fourth, this is a WHY book. Imagine six months from now, when you have implemented the strategies here and are producing better results, with more free time and income, happier than ever before in your life. You have aligned your purpose, vision, and direction. You have implemented each of the steps, developed skills and are now taking leadership and being accountable for your outcomes. You are genuinely transforming yourself and your life. You can’t help but smile all the time, because you are on the path to your best life. With newfound confidence and happiness, you are the envy of your coworkers and friends. It all happened because you took the time to read and apply the insights of this book.

But that’s not entirely true.

Your new results happened because you got rid of the excuses and decided you were not going to accept the status quo any longer. You chose to change for the better. You harnessed the courage to act because you wanted to design the life and business you love.

Fifth, this book is a HOW book, packed with “how-to” content and ideas. Providing a step-by-step system, this book exposes you to strategic ways for breaking into your best life, and achieving more results with less effort.


 “Willpower is not enough. If we want to achieve lasting change, we must have an effective strategy.” – Anthony Robbins, Personal Mastery teacher

CALL TO ACTION – get a sneak peek about why I wrote this book

Hopefully this blog inspires and ignites your inner passion to read more.  Going forward and getting my upcoming book “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” will put you on a path of positive results and greater personal fulfillment from the minute you start reading it. There is nothing to lose but you have everything to gain. After reading “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” you will never go back to your old ways – it will be too painful, too ridiculous and simply detrimental to your best life.

Because you are ready to take these steps now and take charge of your life, I want to hear from you! Don’t wait for my book to come out in a few months! You can start to take action now.

Email me at and I will send you the first chapter of “BREAKING THE CHOKEHOLD” – about why I wrote this book which is full of great tips to use immediately.

There is an ancient saying – “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” So make sure to email me for a sneak peek about why I wrote this book, and I will send it to you as my gift to you.

Be vulnerable – birth a new you – and live with no regrets!

With gratitude,


Doug Howorko- Founder of ZAGGTIME

ZAGGTIME is the source for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. We are a team of business bloggers and lifestyle enthusiasts impacting the world by sharing inspirational and practical insights for aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs.

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