is sfm a scam

Is SFM A Scam?

Hi Friends, its Doug Howorko and George Tsougrianis, Co – Founders of ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design.


We’re investigative storytellers on a journey to discover cutting edge tools and strategies for empowering ourselves in creating a Rich Life.

It is our mission to help Wake Up Millions of people just like us to their own possibilities.


As like most people, we were living the life we thought we had to live, as opposed to how we wanted to live.  We were unfulfilled, overworked, and stressed in our current situations as opposed to feeling liberated – achieving our highest potential each day.


We both have good educations we thought we needed, and a job society says we should want.  Unfortunately, we both felt stuck in a rut, not living with passion, and feeling angst because we also fully believed there was something more for us.


“We knew it was time to take a chance doing what we truly wanted to do…and to ultimately break free from our current circumstance and design the life and business we love.”


But we lacked the skills required to JUMP to pursue our passions in a shaky global economy, one that was quickly turning digital where we lacked sufficient skills to succeed.  Even with this fear…we knew in our hearts it was time to take the chance to be self-made and self-reliant doing what we love – creating the income, lifestyle and freedom we wanted.


One of the best decisions of our lives


Knowing we needed to develop new skills related to (mindset, digital and business) – we decided to get involved in and investigate the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) program.What initially appealed to us was the tools and training the company provided in becoming an effective online marketer – skills which we lacked to succeed in a competitive online marketplace.


Effectively, the business model is how to do digital marketing, and the skill of acquiring prospects and customers.  The other business model is on the educational side.  And this is Digital Experts Academy giving people the skills to really to what we’ve done which is take an idea, bring it to reality, and build and grow business around whatever it is that they choose.


We decided to invest $2,500 which gave us access to their elite package with some enhanced training and business features. Our expectation was like any other investment with an eventual return over a period of time. In this case, it was to gain the skills and knowledge that would help move us forward.


Not long after we joined … we even had a chance to meet the founders as well as people like us taking action to live a better life.


So…what’s the skepticism about SFM?


The funny thing is we thought SFM was a scam too until we found out more about the two Co-founders and the team they have assembled.  Each member of SFM have a huge amount of integrity and expertise in their field.  We have met many of them personally found out they wouldn’t put their integrity on the line to build a company that’s a scam.


Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek (the Co-Founders of SFM) had both been successful as internet entrepreneurs but now they shared a vision to create something bigger to help people develop online skills all around the world. Part of this vision had been the realization that the world was fundamentally shifting and that technology would decide the winners and the losers.


As with any online business there is always a heavy dose of skepticism or questions about the potential of a scam. Questions that we needed to ask to satisfy our own concerns.


“The biggest factor behind the skepticism is the two-good-to-be-true element of what you can create with this lifestyle.  You know, we have students, as examples, who are making millions a year in commissions on line and they are working from home on their laptops.  And, of course, that’s the elite.  And that’s often what you find when you first start looking because that’s what gets attention.  That’s the way the world works.  We notice people that are at the top.  Now the more realistic idea behind what can be achieved, in my opinion through my experience, is replacing your income, growing your income fairly steadily as you improve your skills.  You leverage and your income grows.  And it’s not like a traditional business where you are trading your time for money.  And, so once you are in this space, it becomes very obvious how truly average people just like myself are able to achieve extraordinary result.”


– Stuart Ross


Our findings…


Going through the SFM program, we found the product and service to be amazing.  It’s impacted our lives and many other people’s lives who are developing mindset, online and business skills to design the life they love.  There are success testimonials from everywhere.  We also have a great testimonial for the SFM model and program and are building our very own online business right now…launching the biggest project of our lives.


“In our opinion…SFM is real, it is not a scam!  There are people all over the world taking the training, supporting the community and creating the income, lifestyle and freedom they want.  People daily are transforming their lives.”


Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are true visionaries with their heart in the right place along with a solid educational training programs and business model with their heart in it.


Watch our film GETTING RICH – No Experience Required the get an honest review about our experience and many others with SFM – Click Here to Watch The Film.


The real reasons people call great opportunities scams!


  • People say no to opportunities, not because the opportunity is bad, it is because of their own fear of the obligation to make some sacrifices and do the work to make changes in their lives. People simply find it easier to find skepticism in things and find excuses as to why not to make the effort to change.


  • The work and learning you have to do in a business with a “done for you system” is easy to do, but it is easy not to do! People slip back into procrastination and laziness after a few weeks.  Remember stats show that most people when they buy a book, never read past the first ten pages.


  • Challenge is important…but we have lost this as a society. People want success easily.  And this is further proven by the fact that people would rather be famous than a scientist that adds value to society.


  • It’s the broke people that have the biggest opinions and skepticism. The people with work ethic, hunger and integrity, personal power, whit, are the ones willing to try.


With gratitude,

Doug Howorko & George Tsougrianis


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