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The Ultimate Business Skills List – 8 Must Have Skills to Win

Do you have the top 8 must have skills on the ultimate business skills list – to ensure you win in business?  Many of you will be thinking that these top skills are: accounting, marketing, communication, networking, human resources, etc.  Although they are important, they are not the Ultimate Must Have’s because many of those skills can be contracted out.

The 8 Must Have Skills that set entrepreneurs apart from the “wantrepreneurs” all relate to mindset.  It’s mindset skills that enable a winning way of thinking and taking action in work and life that makes all the difference when it comes to living their passion and ultimately winning in business.

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This week’s “Freedom Fridays” newsletter discusses THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS SKILLS LIST – 8 Must Have Skills to Win in Business. Critical skills needed to Design the Life and Business you Love.


There is no such thing as having the right stuff to be an entrepreneur.  In fact, the key to being entrepreneurial is discovering peoples’ needs and then fulfilling those needs.  It’s that simple.  But to be truly successful in the long term, to create the business and life you love…you will need to develop these 8 Must Have Skills to Win in Business to ensure you continuously improve daily, meet the needs of your market, and crush the competition.  You will need to activate, control and use your brain in ways most of us have never experienced before.


Here’s The Ultimate 8 Must Have Skills to Win in Business

  1. Abandon the Fear of Failure:

To be an entrepreneur you must rid yourself of the fear of failure.  You may have been told that: One in three new businesses fail within six months.  Three out of four startups shut down within five years.  Nine out of ten companies operating today will eventually fail.  Let it be known, the chance of success is higher than you think.  Although some businesses do fail, the chances of success are better than the mythology people believe.  To win in business, you must abandon the fear of failure.  Even a turtle has to stick its neck out to move forward!

  1. Develop Positive Beliefs:

When you believe in something, you give your brain an unquestioned command to respond in a certain way. To be a successful entrepreneur you need positive beliefs about yourself and what it takes to run a business. However, many people have negative beliefs such as “I can’t be an entrepreneur because I am too young or too old, I don’t have a lot of money, I am not smart enough, I don’t have any education, training, or enough confidence…..”  These negative beliefs will create negative impacts on your success. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.

  1. Learn to Make Decisions:

It is the decisions we make, and not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.  The decisions we make will determine how fast we achieve business success.  We make three kinds of powerful decisions every day:  what to focus on, what things mean, and what to do. When you make a real decision, you draw a line, and it’s not in the sand but in cement.   All human progress and business success begins with a new decision.  Make the decision to get in the game of entrepreneurship!

  1. Focus:

What you focus on will determine how you feel (happy, sad, excited) and what direction you go in.  If you wanted to feel good right now, you could do that.  You could focus on something that’s made you feel happy and good about yourself.  Focus is so important because it controls how you see the world, and what you do about it.  Keeping focused to see new opportunities is very important in being an entrepreneur.

  1. Goal Setting:

It is a shame how often we associate the word “dreams” or goals with unreal expectations.  We as humans have been conditioned to think of dreams as unattainable, calling them “pipe dreams” and “day dreams.”On the contrary, dreams are the mental pictures that inspire virtually every real human endeavor, from the ancient Egyptians dream of building great pyramids to your dream of starting a family, building a new home, or starting a business.

  1. Visualization:

Once you have set your goals, the next step to turning them into a reality is to visualize them and get leverage on why you want to achieve them.  When you visualize, you start with a vague idea of what it is you want, and then you sharpen the focus until the picture becomes clear and sharp in your mind.  In other words, you are developing your dream into a vision. You have to turn your dreams into a vision.  When you have a vision, you see the place you want to be, you taste it, and you walk towards it.

  1. Planning & Action:

Anyone who would try to open a new business without taking time to plan where they are going and how they will get there is planning to fail, plain and simple!  The planning stage separates the participants from the spectators, drivers from the passengers.  You see, when you start drawing up a plan for your dream, it shows that you are serious.  Planning means you have committed yourself to “walking the talk” instead of just “talking the talk.”The next step to success is to take massive consistent action each day towards attaining your goals even when it does not look as if it is working.  You must develop a list of things you can do each day to reach your goals.  You need absolute persistence and make constant and never-ending improvements in reaching your goal.

  1. Role Modeling:

If people succeed at anything in life it is because they do certain things over and over again.  If you take the same actions and plant the same seeds, you can produce the same quality of results regardless of your background, education, and financial situation.  To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to study success, you cannot just hope.  Role model other successful entrepreneurs and duplicate their behaviors, actions, beliefs and strategies.  Also go to workshops, read books, listen to audio, and most importantly talk to people.


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