Top Trends In Online Training Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Know

Today’s topic is about the top trends in online training which is by far one of the most interesting questions we get asked when it comes to people deciding whether they should start learning more about the digital economy.


Well, today we wanted to answer this question as honestly as we could, based on our own experience.


Digital marketing is the top online business training in 2017.


So what is Digital Marketing you ask?


Well, it’s really a broad term used to describe the marketing of products and services using various digital technologies and the Internet.


You likely have heard of things like Search Engine Optimization and Influencer Marketing and of course most of us nowadays use some form of Social Media. These are all aspects of Digital Marketing. What makes it so powerful is these are all tools that are available for anyone to use.


Today, many of us communicate through Facebook and Twitter and even upload our own videos of family and friends to our YouTube channel. Digital Marketing goes a step further in that it’s the strategy behind the use of these tools to sell products and services.


Another important consideration in the rise of Digital Marketing is the Internet. In less than 20 years, the Internet went from a small group of the very few to the Kingdom of the many.  Today, more than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, which provides enormous economies of scale to anyone selling products.


But there is a downside…


Life has never moved so fast with change happening almost daily.


In this new digital economy you must never stop learning or growing in order to compete and be in control of your destiny.  You must design your own life curriculum in the new digital economy – where new skills are needed.  Those that don’t take the opportunity to develop digital marketing skills will quickly get left behind.


We recognized this problem for ourselves and decided to search out training.  As we’ve mentioned in the past, our training partner is Six Figure Mentors which has provided us with the proper foundation to learn and leverage all the marketing tools. Some of the important concepts we’ve learned include;


  • E-Commerce
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • List Building and Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Best Practices


The SFM Digital Skills Platform is designed for existing business owners to better leverage their business online and as well, give perspective entrepreneurs the knowledge and tools to build their own online business.


So why doesn’t your boss want you to know about this?


Because…It’s about empowerment.


With the right training and the desire for something more, anyone can use Digital Marketing to fundamentally change their life and become a Digital Entrepreneur.


The best days are yet to come as technology continues to make better tools that will only make Digital Marketing more engaging and easier.


To your success,

Doug & George


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