What is Personal Growth – My 3 Lessons

Hello friends in this week’s Wake Up Wednesday I share the 3 skills that have helped me move forward in my personal journey towards growth and fulfillment answering the ultimate question of What is Personal Growth?

18 months ago Doug Howorko approached me to become part of Zaggtime Lifestyle Design . It was a difficult period in my life as I was feeling stuck professionally with a huge imbalance in the time and attention I devoted to my personal life. I wasn’t sure I fully understood all the goals for the company I just knew the man behind it was one of integrity and unbridled determination. So I said yes.

It’s been a wild ride with many ups and downs all of which had the common theme of challenging the status quo by forcing me to walk right up to the edge of my comfort zone and to step past it.

What I’ve come to realize in last few months is that in my journey the moments that are the hardest are the ones that I grow the most. Think of a rubber band , the more you stretch it the more it expands in size. You can too.

In my video I list the top 3 skills I’ve learned during this period of expansion. You may also notice that the video looks slightly different from the other Wake Up Wednesdays. The reason why is this is part of an interview we’ve shot for the upcoming documentary Getting Rich – No Experience Required.  In which Doug and I attend a conference in Las Vegas in search of people who are living a Freedom Lifestyle. It’s an exciting project which I will be sharing more on at a later date.

With Gratitude,

George Tsougrianis

Film Maker and Digital Entrepreneur

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