2 sacrifices in building your dream business

Two sacrifices in building your dream business

The top two sacrifices in building your dream business are critical to designing the life you love. Success requires short term pain for long term gain. If you want to create the income, lifestyle and freedom you want, you must make sacrifices. When you take the jump to build your dream business… in the beginning you will work harder than you ever have. Your life will feel out of balance and a little chaotic. But don’t worry, building a side hustle of your dreams while working full time and looking after your family responsibilities does get easier. Sometimes you have to make a mess to clean up a mess. But believe it does get better.

#1 Sacrifice: Less time for leisure activities

Since the beginning of my escape from employee to entrepreneur, create a sustainable work-life balance was difficult.  Working full-time while trying to transition from reliance on my job income to live my passion through building my own dream business did create much stress – from not having enough time for leisure activities to spend with my children.

When you try to have it all, you create extra pressure on yourself. Working full-time and building a passion business on the side is challenging enough; and when you factor in children who need attention for homework, love, and fun, time quickly becomes a premium. Building a passion business while working full-time and having family commitments is nearly a superhuman feat.


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the USA

#2 Sacrifice: Less time with your children

I struggled knowing that building my side hustle, my passion business, meant sacrificing some significant things and people in my life. I would often ask myself, “how am I going to support my family during the transition of replacing the income from my day job? How am I going to save for a good education for my children and all their extra-curricular activities? How will I be able to spend quality time with my children? How do all this and build my passion business at the same time?

I often felt that trying to live my passion was selfish. Seeking to experience more at the risk of losing a basic lifestyle for my family felt foolish. Being able to spend all the time I wanted with my children, as well as support their financial needs –  while taking a chance to become the best version me, did seem at odds.

Every decision you make comes with risk

At the expense of spending the majority of my time with my young family, I decided to invest more time in designing the life and business I love to, ultimately, give me more time and abundance to share with my children.

But every decision comes with risk. For example, I risked my children’s well-being now for a greater future. I risked my job due to lesser performance while I’m building my business. My intensity in designing the life and business I love risked the “gap of the unknown.” I would often get stressed out worrying about making the wrong decision, losing my job, not having the financial resources to look after my children, and living in my car. Thoughts like these drove me crazy, because my children meant so much to me.

With action and momentum going forward, I was eventually able to rid my brain of these paralyzing thoughts and began to fully believe that going for my passion business was not selfish – it is what I am on earth to do, become the best version of me, and help other people do the same, and be rewarded for it. I believed I was building a better future for myself and my children

Each of us has talents to share with other people as our purpose. If my journey brings abundance – great! If it brings trouble for my career or hardship for my children, or even financial failure, it is simply an indicator that I haven’t learned enough yet.


“Don’t fight forces, use them.” – R. Buckminster Fuller, architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist

CALL TO ACTION: Learn how to make sacrifices to build your dream business

With my new found belief system I learned to leverage resources and delegate tasks at the office to free up mental space and after-hours energy to build my dream business. I coordinated support from my extended family to make up the shortfall in my attention with my children. I hired a tutor to help their education needs. My older son helped out with doing some of the sports activities with his younger brothers. Doing all this continued to ensure my beloved children had opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise. And it allowed me to focus on my own reinvention without causing important responsibilities to get out of sync.

Designing the life and business you love requires making sacrifices for a few years of your life that most people won’t – so you can live the rest of your life (full of freedom, flexibility and opportunity) that most people can’t. It is my mission you learn how to make the necessary sacrifices. And if you desire to make escape from employee to entrepreneur to live your passion – I want to help you develop a plan that is clear and actionable, and that you have access to the tips, tactics, tools and training.

Don’t settle for what the world says is acceptable – instead, go for what you want and what you are capable of achieving. Contact me for a FREE one-on-one strategy session about how to find your purpose and start your dream business. Email me at doug.howorko@hotmail.com or text 306-570-7321 to arrange a time.

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Be vulnerable – birth a new you – and live with no regrets!

With gratitude,

Doug Howorko- Founder of ZAGGTIME

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